Royal Marines

Royal Marines Badge


Other Ranks Ceremonial Stay Bright Cap Badge


The cap badge of the Royal Marines differs from the Corps crest in that it does not include the Motto, the Battle Honour Gibraltar or the Fouled Anchor. It is therefore merely a simplified version of the crest. The cap badge is worn with well deserved pride on the hard won Green Beret (that denotes the completion of the extremely tough, 4 week Commando course at Lympstone, Devon. The Commando cause follows an earlier 26 week training course to become a Royal Marine). This badge is worn on Caps with dress uniforms when on parade. While the darkened coloured version is worn on the Green Beret.


Other Ranks Green Beret and Cap with stay bright badge

Other Ranks normal wear the bronze badge for every day use

Officers Cap and Green Beret with stay bright badge.
Not the Crown is separate from the lower part of the badge.


The Officers cap badge is in two parts, with the Lion and Crown separated from the Globe and Laurel Wreath, since the amalgamation of the RMLI and the RMA in 1923. There are two types of Corps badges, anodised and shiny for parades and dress uniforms, and bronze for everyday use.

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