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Some dates vary a little as different writers of the time used different dates???

As a historian I'm aware that when we go in search of information on any subject. The most common research method is to look it up in earlier books. However, when earlier books have the story incorrect, then that wrongful information can and does get easily passed on. With this in mind I've had to make sure that the information I'm using in this book is correct to the best of my knowledge. The Royal Marines created and later taught me their history, so what better place to start my research than the owners of that history. When I joined the 779 Squad Royal Marines on the 16th April 1962, a major part of my training was to learn the Corps History. Something that was forced upon us at all times by our instructors. At first it was all a little alien to me, but gradually I began to understand and wanted to learn more, and it became 'hopefully' embedded in my memory. However, it's now 2014 and although a vast majority of that information is still in my head, in order that I do not make a fool of myself by getting some of the finer detail and facts wrong, I have had to turn to the computer and online searching of places, names, and fellow Marines to check that my facts and details are correct. Where I have been wrong I have corrected myself with information from the sources below. Therefore I would like to acknowledge and thank the following websites, and newspapers for their help in jogging my memory. Without the information gained and refreshed, this free E-book would not have been possible: I sincerely thank you all. I would also like to say a very special thank you to my wife Emily, to fellow Marines Roger Burstow, and Edward 'Andy' Anderson, who I served with in 40 Commando during the Borneo campaign (1962-66). Both friendships continue to this day. Fellow Marine Cleve Whitworth President of the RMAQ in Brisbane, for helping me with the research. To all the websites listed below, who are keeping the Royal Marine history alive, I give them a big thank you. Please keep up the good work for future generations to enjoy. (Author Terry Aspinall RM 21414.)

If any readers and Marines wish to add to some of the lists in this E-book, I would welcome your help. However, please add where you have found the information so that I can give full credit to its source. Being an E-book allows me to keep updating. <> The following is my Royal Marine Association membership card and booklet that was handed to me, on 16th April 1962, upon my arrival at the New Intake Block at the Royal Marines Depot based at Deal in Kent. It was simply titled 'The Royal Marines', and at the bottom in small print 'Instructions to Recruits'. It describes what a recruit can expect from the Corps, along with a brief history, but most of all what the Corps expect from him.


My RMA membership card issued the day I started training in 1962


Front cover photo from ''

A History of the Island of St. Helena by T. H. Brooke Esq Published in 1824.

A Short History of the Royal Marines, by Col. G. W. M. Grover, O.B.E. (Gale & Polden, 1944)

An Historic Review of the Royal Marine Corps: from its original institution down to the present era, by Alexander Gillespie. Printed and Sold by M. Swinney  Birmingham 15th November 1803.

A Heroic Record of the British Navy by Archibald Hurd and H. H. Bashford. A Short History of the Naval War during 1914-1918. Garden City New York Doubleday, Page and Company 1919.

A List of the Officers of the Army and of the Corps of Royal Marines. From the War office January 1826.

British Battles Volume I. by James Grant. Published by Cassell Petter & Galpin. London 1891.

Britain's Sea Soldiers: (Volume 1) A history of the Royal Marines and their predecessors and of their services in action, ashore and afloat, and upon sundry other occasions of moment, by Cyril Field RMLI, Foreword  by Admiral of the fleet, Earl Beaty G.C.B. The Lyceum Press, Handover Street Liverpool 1924.

Britain's Sea Soldiers: (Volume 2) A history of the Royal Marines and their predecessors and of their services in action, ashore and afloat, and upon sundry other occasions of moment, by Cyril Field RMLI, Foreword by Admiral of the fleet, Earl Beaty G.C.B. The Lyceum Press, Handover Street Liverpool 1924.

Britain's Sea Soldiers: A record of the Royal Marines during the War 1914-1919, compiled by General Sir H.E. Blumberg K.C.B. Royal Marines. Devonport, Swiss & Co. Naval and Military Printers and Publishers. 111 and 112Fore Street. [1927).

Brother Surgeons by Garet Rogers, Transworld Publications 1957.

By Sea and Land, Some Naval Doings. By E. Hilton Young, MP, Lieutenant Commander R.N.V.R.  T. C. & E.C. Jack Ltd. 25 &36 Paternoster Row, London, E.C. and Edinburgh.

Captain R.G.S. Lang’s Report, Plymouth Argyll box and Peter Dunstan’s documentation of both Royal Marine Detachments can be viewed by appointment at the Royal Marines Museum Archive, Southsea.

Cocklesheshell heroes. by C.E.Lucas-Phillips. Heinermann, 1956.

CLARET Operations and Confrontation, 1964-1966 by Raffi Gregorian.

Cleve Whitworth (RMAQ President) personal Royal Marine library.

Commando Men, The Storyy of a Royal Marine Commando in N.W. Europe. by Brian Samain. Stevens and Sons, 1948.

Commando 1942 - 45, Britains Secret Commando by Osprey Publishing.

Cyprus Crisis - 1955-56. The Story of 'B' Troop 45 Commando Royal Marines by Charles Hart. The Royal Marine Historical Society. Printed by Holbrook printers Norway Road Portsmouth Hants, PO3 5HX.

Dictionary of Battles by Thomas Benfield Harbottle. Published by Swan Sonnenschein & Co Ltd, London 1904.

Echoes of Old Wars. The personal and unofficial letters and accounts bygone Battles, both by land and on sea: by those that were there. 1513 – 1854. A Marine Anthology. Compiled and annotated by Colonel C. Field, R.M.L.I. Herbert Jenkins Ltd 2 York Street St. James’s London S.W.1

'Globe & Laurel' Royal Marines magazine.

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Grey Funnel Line' Face Book Page.

Haste to the Battle. A Marine Commando at War by Maj-Gen. J. L. Moulton. C.B., D.S.O., O.B.E.. Cassell and Son, 1963.

History of the Royal Marines 1837-1914. by H.E. Blumberg, with Minor Editing by Alaster Donald.

Historical Record of the Marine Corps. An account of their formation and service from 1664 to 1748. Cannon Richard 1779 – 1865.

Historical Records of the Royal Marine Forces; Volume 1 (1755 to 1805). By Paul Harris Nicolas Lieutenant Royal Marine. Published by Thomas and William Boone 29 New Bond Street London 1845.

Historical Record of the Royal Marine Forces by Nicolas Paul Harris Lieutenant Royal Marines Volume 1. London: Thomas and William Boone. 29 New Bond Street.

Historical Record of the Royal Marine Forces by Nicolas Paul Harris Lieutenant Royal Marines Volume 2. London: Thomas and William Boone. 29 New Bond Street.

Historical Record of the Thirty First or the Huntingdonshire Regiment of Foot. by Richard Cannon Esq,

In Many Parts Memoirs of a Marine. By Lieutenant Colonel W. P. Drury, C.B.E. Royal Marines. Joint author of ‘The Flag Lieutenant’, Author of the Peradventures of Private Pagett. By Fisher Unwin Ltd London: Adelphi Terrace, First Published in 1926.

Inside the Commandos by James D. Ladd.

Jack Wardle, formerly HMS Repulse, has produced a nominal roll of the HMS Repulse RM Detachment. 

John Nicol, 'Memoirs of John Nicol Mariner' (1822).

The Last Coleraine Militia

Malaya and Borneo, Counter Insurgency Operations:1 by E.D. Smith.

Memoirs. The Late Major General Andrew Burn, The Royal Marines, a collection from his journals. Second Edition. London Printed and sold by Messer’s W. Winchester and Son, 61 the Strand 1861.

Memorial Bunker Hill. By Oliver Wexdell Holmes (Grandmother’s Story of Bunker-Hill Battle.) Copyright, 1775 by James R. Osgood & Co. 'No Picnick' (The Falklands War) By Julian Thompson. Published in the UK in 1985 by Leo Cooper in Association with Secker and Warburg Ltd. ISBN: 0-436-5202-4.

Moon Over Malaya: A Tale of the Argyll's and Marines by Jonathan Moffat and Audrey Holmes McCormick (revised edition published by Tempus Publications of Stroud October 2001).

Nelson’s Marines at Malta’ by Brian N. Tarpey RMHS 1995.

Nothing Impossible. General Editor Lieutenant Colonel Ewen Southby-Tailyour OBE RM Publication: October 2010, ISBN: 978 1 906507 237.

On Four Fronts with the Royal Navy: By Geoffrey Sparrow MC and J N MacBean Ross MC. (Surgeons RN). Published by Hodder and Stoughton, London, New York and Toronto 1918

One Marine's Tale by Gen. Sir Leslie Hollis, K.C.B., K.B.E. Andrre Deutsch, 1956.

Per mare Per Terram, Reminiscences. Thirty two years military, Naval, and constabulary service. By Major W. H. Poyntz. Late Royal Marine Light Infantry. Chief Constable of Nottingham and County of Essex. The Economic Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd. 30 Bouverie Street. 1802.

Researchers on the 2nd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders will find a wealth of material in the Regimental Museum and Archive, Stirling Castle. Particularly interesting is the Battalion Record Book of QMS Aitken.

Royal Marine Commando, the History of Britains elite fighting force by James D. Ladd

Royal Marine Commando 1950 - 83. From Korea to the Falklands by Will FowlerI. Published by Osprey 2009 SBN: 978-184603-372-8.

Royal Marine by Col.S.J.Bassett, C.B.E. Peter Davis, 1962.

Royal Marines Historical Society. Royal Marines Museum.

Royal Marines History & Traditional Facts. Alpha Company Royal Marines Cadets website.

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Rupert Brooke, 'The Soldier', The Complete Poems of Rupert Brooke, London, 1933, p.148

S.B.S. The Invisible Raiders by James D. Ladd.

Telegraph Newspaper UK. Thursday 5th July 2016.

The British Commandos in the Second World War. In Defeat Defiance! By Alex Williams B.A.

The British Raid on Essex 1814. By Jerry Roberts, Executive Director, Connecticut River Museum.

The Filibusters, The Story of the Special Boat Service.  By John Lodwick.

The Green Beret. The Story of the Commandos 1940 – 1945 by Gerorge Saunders, Michael Joseph, 1949.

The Historical Records of the Royal Marines. Compiled and edited by Major L. Edye RMLI Barrister at law. Middle Temple. Volume 1 1664 – 1701. London: Harrison and Sons 50 Pall Mall Book sellers to her Majesty and the Prince of Wales. 1892.

The Knife Man by Wendy Moore, Published by Braodway Books 2006

The Lobsters Are Entirely Unfit...... The Life of the Royal Marines Detachment of Somerset, Cape York Australia. By Cleve Whitworth 1996.

Cape York Australia. By Cleve Whitworth 1996.

The Leicester Chronicle Saturday 18th January 1812.

The Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser.

The Maidstone Gazette and the Kentish Courier.

The Papers of Major C.D. Aylwin RM can be viewed at the Imperial War Museum Reading room by appointment. This includes a nominal roll of the Prince of Wales RM Detachment and a detailed captivity diary.

The Last Coleraine Militia 1970 - 2007.

The London Gazette first report published of the Raid on the Medway16th June1667.

The London Gazette re Captain Halliday No. 27262. p. 3. 1st January 1901.

The London Gazette re Major Francis Hardy published September 1915

The London Gazette re L/C Parker published on 22nd June 1917.

The London Gazette re Major Lumsden No30122 published September 1915.

The London Gazette re Captain Bamford published 23 July 1918.

The Marines were there By R. H. Bruce-Lockhart. Putnam 1950.

The Marine Corps: An historical record of the Marine Corps, an account of their formation and service’s from 1664 to 1748. Compiled by Richard Cannon, Esq. (1779-1865).

The New Zealand Wars: A history of the Maori campaigns and the pioneering period by Cowan, James (1922). Volume I 1845–1864.

The Royal Marines Association.

The Royal Marines 1919-2000 by J.D. Ladd

The Royal Marines 1956 - 84 (Ospre Men-At-Arms series) by William Fowler

The Royal Marine Artillery 1804 – 1923 Volume 1 1804 – 1859. By Edwart Fraser and Charles L. G. Carr-Laughton. London the Royal United Service Institution Whitehall, S. W. 1930.

The Royal Marine Artillery 1804 – 1923 Volume 2 1859 – 1923. By Edwart Fraser and Charles L. G. Carr-Laughton. London the Royal United Service Institution Whitehall, S. W. 1930.

The Royal Marines. The Admiraly Account of their Achievements, 1939-43. H.M.S.O. 1944.

The Royal Marines Chronology 1664 - 2010.

The Royal Marines Band Service by John Ambler.

The Royal Marines by Sea by Land by John S. Murray. South African Military History Society.

The Royal Navy: A history from the earliest times to the present. Markham Clements R. (Clements Robert).

The Royal Naval Catalogue for 1891.

The SBS, The Full Story by Philip Warner.

The Skepton Mallett Home Words. January 1876 'Reminiscence of the Crimea Campaign' from S.G. Blacker.

The Thin Red Line: 2nd Argyll's in Malaya by Brigadier I. M. Stewart (Thomas Nelson 1947).

Who Dies Fighting by Angus Rose (Jonathan Cape, London 1944).

  Most of the following are out of print but can be obtained from certain Libraries  

Britain's Sea Soldiers (2 Vols.) Lyceum Pree, Liverpool,1924.

Britain's Sea Soldiers, 1914-1919. by H.E. Blumberg. Swiss and Co, Devonport, 1927

Historical Record of the Marine Corps by R. Cannon. Thomas & Winboone, 1845.

Historical Review of the Royal Marines Corps by A. Gillespie M. Swinney, Birmingham 1803.

The Historical Records of the Royal Marines by L. Edye. Harrison and Sons, London,1845.