Royal Marines

Royal Marine Sayings

All Military Services around the world develop their own choice of sayings that is unique to just them.  A tradition that goes back many years, but still goes on to this day. In fact it could be said that a military minded person could usually work out where they are just by hearing them speak. The Royal Marines are no exception, and what follows is just a small selection of Saying that may help you next time you're talking to a Royal Marine.

Saying Meaning  
All ashore who's going ashore.    
All been changed.    
Alpha Bravo Charlie Dog. I'm as hard as a chocloate dog.  
Apologies to the Chefs/Cooks, whatever you were/are ten minutes ago.    
Am I hurting you boy, well I bloody well should be as I'm standing on your hair.    
Another dead Marine. After a bottle of wind or beer is finished.  
Any questions you lot, and if I cany answer them I'll ask the Sgt.    
All over it like a tramp on chips.    
Are the men happy Sgt. Major, yes sir, then stop thier leave.    
As dry as a Nun's fud.    
Attention on the upper deck, chase arse in a blue suit.    
Away the noo Seaboats Crew.  
Big man little cock, little man all cock.    
Bootnecks who cant tap dance are gay.    
Bootnecks who cant dance are beef.    
Brains of a rocking horse.    
Break off. A quick five minute smoke.  
But a Cabbbage is only a Cauliflower that never went to University.    
Bytheway. (a surname) The conversation would start, bytheway byetheway  
Chuck us a goffer. A Coke.  
Constantly on my mind and never doubted once.    
Crack on Royal.
Currency in any country. Ickies.
Days to do are getting few.    
Dip in.    
Dip out.    
Dim as a Toc H lamp.    
Dont hesitate, ventilate.    
Dont eat yellow snow. Its Pee.  
Down and patch out. After a loud fart.  
F@cking Shave Off.    
Ferkin Shave off.    
Grab a Ganny Night.    
Gangway for a Navel Officer.    
Gangway or I carve one.    
Get it down you, it'll do you good. On a run ashore.  
Get it up, it'll do you good. In the heads.  
Going a shore to trap a draggon.    
Goog old Fred F@ck Fred , two's up on Fred. After a film when the credits role.  
Got any maskers, had a blow out on my flip flops.    
Green rub.    
Hard as a soap noddy    
Hands off cocks, on socks.    
Hands off joy sticks, stop flying.    
Hang Fire    
He's as smooth as a rutting warthogs knacker bag. Somebody who thinks he is good at anything.Thinks he can pick up anything female.  
He's got two brain cells, one's dead and the other ones keeps his eyes open.    
Hold these two sheep while I count them.    
How are you this morning Sgt Major. Oh up and down like a Wren's Knickers Sir.  
Hurry up and wait.    
I'd give it one, given the chance. ?  
I'd give it two.    
It it ain't raining, it ain't training.    
If brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose.    
If I'm awake, ever ybugger is awake.    
If that is Chicken Supreme I'd hate to try the Chicken Average.!!!!    
If you dont have a fags just go through the motions. After a break off, or a quick five minute smoke.  
If your IQ was 10m more you could be a cabbage.    
I goffered him. Punched.  
I hope your bollocks turn to OXO cubes and all your kids are beef.    
I'll break your bloody arm off and beat you to death with the soggy end.    
I'll raise you. After a fart.  
It's black as arseholes.    
Its no good being up to your ass in a lake full of Alligators. Your first intention was to drain the lake.  
Its a rifle not a gun.    
I think I've just given birth.    
It seemed such a good idea in the pub.    
I was on the main gate, while you were still on Cow and Gate.    
Join the Navy to see the world, Join the Marines to clean it.    
Kensita Ciggy Couponds. NATO money.  
Officers Mess Commander speaking. After a long fart, or belch.  
On your heads bounce.    
On your ferkin head.    
Oye Wake up.    
Like a flock of starlings.    
LHSM. It has rubbed off on her.  
Log off now and again. Fool people into thinking you have a social life.  
Marine Parker right hand marker. Marines Tucker the other f-cker.    
Me photies    
Mirror miror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all. You are Signals, without a doubt. Thank you mirror, Roger and out.
Morning men, starboard ten, round the world and back again.    
Morning Sergeant, hows your privates.    
Mushroom men. Fed on shit and kept in the dark.  
Muppet Most Useless Person Pusser Ever Trained.  
NAAFI No Interest and f-ck all interest.  
Never ask a man in the desert with a shovel where he is going. To the toilet.  
Phew, had to lower that one by hand. ?  
Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance. The Seven P's.  
Pyjamas Brown Hatters overalls.  
Rabbits. Souvenirs in any country.  
Right we're now semi-tactical.    
Ring feels like a Manchester United Rosette. After a night on the Curry.  
Royal has been carring Jack ever since Nelson was shot It was a Royal Marine Sgt who carried Nelson below.  
Royal Marines are strong and tough, cos they eat their wheaty puff.    
Royal Marines, tall as Guards men, twice as smart.    
Saddle up. Get ready to leave.  
She bangs like a shit house door.    
She's got an ass like a bombay beggar.
She's got an asse like the artic. A great expance of waste.  
Ships company off caps, Royal Marines Pith Off.    
Shitnit. Corporals known as.  
Somebody throwing something over the side of a ship. What the bloody hell are you doing lad. Saluting Admirral Brown Sir.  
Speak up Brown your through. After a loud fart.  
Stand by to stand by.    
String vest. Brown hatters scrambling net.  
That stinks like a Burmese bum bandits bait box.    
The Gplden Eagle shits today. Get paid.  
Theres a Landrover in an Andandover over Dover over. Signals talk.  
There is no such thing as a vegetarian in the arctic.    
There's nothing wrong with the food lad, 10,000 flies cant be wrong. In the Dinning Hall.  
This room is like a Scran bag. Its untidy.  
The twelfth man. Had brains to avoid or wrangle his way out of what ever he didn't fancy doing.  
To look back at the past. Not to look back. To be blind in one eye. To be blind in both eyes.  
Twice the brains you'd be a halfwit.    
Two - Six heave A group picking up some thing heavy.  
Two's up The next to have use of it. what ever it is.  
Wait for thr next goffer. Wave.  
Watch my tracer.    
Where is Marine ? Hes in the chain locker playing golf on the links.  
Well chew my left knacker.    
What do you mean two cans a day.    
When disribing a not to attractive lady and the possibility of!! You'd be better having a w*nk and putting a fiver in your POSB account.
Who's coat is that Jacket
Who dropped one. A fart.  
Who gives a flying f-ck    
Where are my bukkeners
Where the Army goes the pong goes.    
Wheres Marine Smith. Went for a shit and a snipper got him.  
You cant crack me I'm a rubber Duck.    
You cant fart against thunder.    
You look like a dogs Breakfast. Somebody looking rough.  
You'll be a bloody Corpse if you call me Corps. again.    
You Three, March in Two's.    
You young sir are depriving some village of its idiot.    
Your a bloody idiot SIR.    
Your got the brains of a rocking horse.    

A little bit of Jack-Speak makes us feel right at home and if you’re a sailor, chances are you do too! The Royal Navy has a language of its own and these are our favourite past Navy Slang phrases that we wish would return to everyday conversation.
TO SWALLOW THE ANCHOR – To leave the Navy for good – implying that one has no further use for the implement one has for so long trusted. How to use it today: When you quit your job and never step foot in that office again.
TO BLEED THE MONKEY – To extract rum from its barrel by boring a small hole in the barrel. How to use it today: Pouring the bottle of Pusser’s upside down to get every last drop of Navy Rum perfection.
ICERS – A term used to describe something very cold, u’sually a drink served cold with ice. How to use it today: Ordering a dram of Pussers Rum on the rocks
ALL Hands In – “All hands in” refers to everybody on board. Usually when completing a task that needs many men at once. How to use it today: Gathering your mates for a shot together
RUM Rat – Describes one in the older days of wooden ships who had a good nose for where extra rum might be aboard a ship, and who was seeking an extra tot or two. How to use it today: A complimentary term to describe a rum lover who appreciates the authenticity of the spirit!
GOFFA – A non-alcoholic drink How to use it today: Don’t. What’s the point? And there you have it! A few Navy Slang Phrases we’d like to bring back into rotation. Because let’s face it, it’s more fun to Jack-Speak anyway!
Drink Away (from John Culley)

And many more?