Royal Marines

Royal Marines Funny Use of a Surname

Royal Marines humour can be best seen and appreciated in their use of nick names of fellow Marines surnames.

Aggie. / Weston surname.
Alfien. / Newman surname.
Artie. / Shaw surname.
Alfie. / Shaw surname.
Aspro. / Aspinall surname.
Assie. /Aspinall surname.
Average Joe. / Person who is Typical.
Ben. / Hall surname.
Bent. / Trueman surname.
Bogey. / Knight surname.
Bomber. / Brown surname.
Bomber. / Wells surname.
Banjo. / Patterson surname.
Boats. / Person who likes Boats.
Boots. / Person with large feet.
Boots. / Wellington surname.
Boots. / Seabrook surname.
Brighamy. / Young surname.
Brownie. / Brown surname.
Buck. / Rogers surname.
Bungy. / Edwards surname.
Bunny. / Austin surname.
Bunny. / Warren surname.
Buster. / Brown surname.
Buster. / Crabb surname.
Burt. / Reynolds surname.
Chalky. / White surname.
Charlie. / Brown surname.
Chatter box. / A person who talks too much.
Chatty. / A person who talks to much.
Chatty Kathy. / A person who talks too much.
Chippie. / A carpenter.
Chopper. / Harris
Chopper. / Read surname.
Chrome Dome. / Person who is Bald.
Cookie. / A Cook.
Connie. / Francis surname.
Clippie. / A bus conductor.
Crabby. / Dirty in appearance.
Curly. / A person with curly hair.
Curly. / A person who is bald.
Daisy. / May surname.
Daisy. / Adams surname.
Danny. / Kay surname.
Darby. / Allen surname.
Darby. / Joan Christian name.
Debbie Downer. / Person who is Negative.
Dick. / Christian name is Richard.
Dicky. / Bird surname.
Dickie. / Valentine surname.
Digger. / Revell surname.
Dinger. / Bell surname.
Doc. / Doctor military medic.
Doc. / Holliday surname.
Doc, / Watson surname.
Dogger. / Long surname.
Dogger. / Roger surname.
Dolly. / Grey surname.
Dolly. / Parton surname.
Dodger. / Long surname.
Doolittle. / A lazy person.
Doris. / Day surname.
Dogs Body. / Body or Broddy surname.
Dolly. / Gray surname.
Duff. / Cooper surname.
Duke. / Wayne Christian or surname.
Dutchy. / Holland surname.
Dusty. / Miller surname.
Einstein. / A person who is well educated.
Erry. / Mason surname.
Fess. / Parker surname.
Fitz. / A person with the name Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, etc.
Flash. / Gordon surname.
Four-eyes. / A person who wears glasses.
Frost or Frosty. / Referred to a person with white hair or a cold personality.
Geek. / A computer technician.
Genius. / Somebody who is believed to be a clever person.
Geordie. / Regional nickname from the Tyne side.
Ghengis. / McCann surname.
Ginger. / His hair may be Ginger in colour.
Gladys. / Knight surname.
Goldy. / Golding surname.
Happy. / Day surname.
Hahn. / German nickname for a proud or lusty man (it means rooster).
Harry. / Lime surname.
Hitler. / A person with a dictatorial manner.
Jason. / King surname.
Japper. /
Jeff. / A person with the name Geoffrey, Jeffry, Jeffrys, etc.
Jerry. / Lewis surname.
Jessie. / James surname.
Jet. / Harris surname.
Jimmy. / Green surname.
Joe 90. / A person who wears glasses.
Jock. / He was born in Scotland.
Jonty. / Rhodes surname.
Jumper. / Collins surname.
Jumper. / Cross surname.
Kitty. / Wells surname.
Klein. / German nickname for someone with a diminutive stature.
Knackers. / Ball surname.
Knocker. / White surname.
Korky. / Cat or Kat surname
Larry. / Lloyd surname.
Larry. / Lamb surname.
Lofty. / A person who is very tall.
Mac. / A person with the name Macmillan, MacIntyre, McCarthy, M'Clure, etc.
Moneybags. / A wealthy person.
Maggie. / May surname.
Mini. / May, Bannister and cooper surnames.
Napoleon. / A person with a dictatorial manner.
Naps. / Napier surname.
Nat. / Cole surname.
Ned. / Kelly surname.
Nerd. / A person who is smart but odd.
Nervous Nellie. / A person who is very Cautious.
Nick. / Carter surname.
Nobby. / Clark surname.
Nobby. / Hall surname.
Nosey. / Parker surname.
Nuts. / Ball surname.
Nozz. / King. Surname.
Ocker. / Collins surname.
Paddy. / A person from Ireland.
Pansy. / Potter surname.
Pedlar. / Palmer surname.
Petula. / Clark surname.
Pickles. / Nelson surname.
Pincher. / Martin surname.
Plain. / A person who is boring.
Pollyanna. / A person with a very optimistic view of things.
Pony. / Moor or More surnames.
Pizza-Face. / A person with acne.
Pricky. / Price surname.
Pricky. / Pryke surname.
Pusserhill. / Pat, Patterson and Pattinson surnames.
Rabbit. / Warren surname.
Ratchet Jaw. / A person who talks too much.
Rusty, / A person who has ginger hair.
Robin. / Finch surname.
Ronnie. / Barker surname.
Rowdy. / Wells surname.
Rowdy. / Yate surname.
Roy. / A Scottish nickname for someone with red hair.
Ruby. / Murray surname.
Sad Sack. / A person who is Pessimistic.
Sandy. / Powell surname.
Sandy. / Nelson surname.
Sarge. / Military Sergeant.
Sawbones. / Surgeon.
Scribe. / A person who works in an office.
Scrumpy. / Marshall surname.
Scubby. / Barnard surname.
Scouse. / A person who was born in Liverpool.
Shady. / Lane surname.
Sharkey. / Ward surname.
Shep. / Woolley surname.
Shep. / Shepherd surname.
Shifty Eyes. / A person who’s eye are constantly moving. Not to be trusted.
Shiner. / Light surname.
Shiner. / Wright surname.
Short Arse. / A person shorter in height than the nickname caller.
Shortie. / A short person.
Sleepy. / A person with a Tired Demeanor.
Slim. / A person who is overweight.
Slim. / A person who thin.
Slinger. / Wood surname.
Small-Fry. / A short person.
Smokey. / Cole surname.
Smokey. / Dawson surname.
Smokey. / Funnel surname.
Smouch. / Smith surname.
Smudge. / Smith surname.
Smudger. / Smith surname.
Snowy. / White surname.
Soapy. / Watson surname.
Soapy. / Hudson surname.
Sparky. / An Electrician.
Spaz. / A person who is clumsy.
Specs. / A person who wears glasses
Spider. / Hughes
Spider. / Kelly surname.
Spider. / Webb surname.
Spike. / Jones surname.
Spike. / Milligan surname.
Spud. / Murphy surname.
Slintter. / Woods surname.
Stainless. / Steel surname.
Stan. / Matthews
Sticks, Stix or Styx. / A Drummer.
Sticky. / Green surname.
Stunning. / A person who is Glamorous.
Squizzy. / Taylor surname.
Swampy. / Marsh surname.
Sweeney. / Todd a surname.
Tab. / Hunter surname.
Taff. / A person who was born in Wales.
Talkative. / A person who talks to much.
Tansy. / Lee surname.
Timber. / Woods surname.
Timber. / Mills surname.
Tinny. / Little surname.
Tractor boys. / A person from the County Suffolk.
Tug or Tugg. / Wilson or Willson surname.
Twiggy or Twigg. / A very thin person.
Tweety. / Bird surname.
Whacker. / Payne surname.
Whisky. / Walker surname.
Wiggy. / Bennett surname.
Windy. / Gale surname.
Woody. / Woods surname.
Willie. / Rushton surname.

Zit. / Person with Acne.