Terry Aspinall


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Birdman Sports Albatross 1974   Flying Thorpeness   David & his son Jacob   David & Jacob watch


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David teaching Terry 3 axis control on a 'Rotec Rally' at Yoxford Suffolk  

Terry flying a 'UAS Storm Buggy' Built by Nick Wriggerly

  The Cherokee glider built by 'Birdman Sports' flying at Thorpeness   A Solar Wing and Graham Slater Trike Unit Parham Airfield
Eye Airfield. Terry in red ski suit, getting ready to fly in a borrowed two seater Trike with Chris (by car)

Cherokee glider 1979 Flying a 20 foot sand Dune at Thorpeness

Cherokee flying at Corton in Suffolk 1979

  UAS Storm Buggy with David in the background flying his VJ24 Aprox taking off at Thorpeness cricket ground 1980

Photos from Neil


Terry flying a borrowed two seater trike attempting to break a record flying across the UK from Thorpeness in Suffolk to Aberystwyth in Wales. Unfortunately he ran out of petrol while over Shobdon half way across Wales. Approx 1983 Winter.

And David and Jacob signing the barograph for the record of the flight


It was not until 1979 that a flexwing hang glider could fly the sand dunes at Thorpeness, although David's VJ23 had been flying there since 1973

Flown by Terry on a 'Birdman Sports' Cherokee this photo is off that first flight.