By Tim Green

An extraordinary true life documentary of imprisionment and survival. Imprisoned against his will and without trial for "attempting to destroy the Mozambican economy". A Rhodesian born South African commercial pilot is on his last lap of a business trip, delivering communications equipment to Mozambique when he is captured. This book details his time (3 years) as the only white prisoner in a degenerate Mozambican prison, how his fellow inmates rallied around him and his wife's struggle, miles away, to have her husband freed. In one particular spine-chilling section of the book, Tim is marched out into the prison grounds at dawn to be executed...

Acabou started as a journal Tim Green kept for himself during his imprisonment in Mozambique. Scribbled with the stub of a pencil on a children's notebook, smuggled into the cell by inmates, the notes were intended as letters to his family should he not survive. On his release the notes were turned into a full length gripping story. It tells of how he was working as a commercial pilot, flying communications equipment to Mozambique. On completion of this job he was paid in American dollars, which he tried to exchange for local currency to pay for a meal. The currency was allegedly counterfeit and he was imprisoned for trying to ruin the Mozambican economy. He tells of how he was marched in front of a firing squad and almost put to death and how it was the inmates, rallying around him and his wife's pressure on the South African government that saved his life.

Tim Green was born in 1950 on a farm in the then Rhodesia, he spoke Shona until the age of five, in fact his first letter home to his parents from primary school was written in Shona. His father died when he was 16 and he ran away from boarding school to help his mother run the farm. Tim Green was the youngest commissioned officer in the Rhodesian Army at the age of 18, in his free time he qualified as a commercial pilot.

Covos Day
ISBN 1-919874-08-9. Softcover
Size 225 x 150mm.
Re-printed Aug 2003.

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