Congo Warriors

By Mike Hoare

Colonel Mike Hoare commanded a unit of mercenary soldiers during the armed uprising in the Congo in 1964 and 1965, which he described in detail in his previous book, Congo Mercenary. In this follow-up account of those war-torn days spent fighting the Simba rebels, Colonel Hoare focuses on the courage and ambitions, the lives and deaths of those men under his command. It includes twenty-one stories about mercenary soldiering in the Congo and Katanga including the heart-rending tale of an American missionary doctor, a young woman who suffered harsh treatment from rebel soldiers, her escape and her eventual return to Hoare's unit - and the romantic surprise which awaited her. In an exclusive new foreword and epilogue for this Paladin reprint, which the author has described as his favorite of all the books he has written, Colonel Hoare provides an unparalleled understanding of mercenary action in Africa, the involvement of the CIA in such activities and new insight into the minds and hearts of mercenary soldiers. Congo Warriors is not to be missed by anyone interested in combat, mercenaries, warriors or Africa.

Taken from Bushveld.net