Fighting Manual

By Peter McAleese and John Avery

A review from amazon.com

Having served under the author in a real combat situation - many, many Km's behind enemy lines. I have no time for a prof who claims to be "an expert" in warfare, and denies the author the professional status he deserves. Had the professor been amonst the men lead by the author, a less academic approach would have resulted in more than a fair judgement. I would go to the end's of the world and back in combat with the author, because I know him first hand - I was one of those guys who carried rifle grenades to respond to a distant mortar attack. On return to a tempory or permanentbase, who were not allowed to eat, change or bath, untill your kit was ready for the siren - rifle clean, amunition, water/food all resupplied. Ready for anything that could and would come your way. This is the mark of a real combat situation - not a hostage situation. We survived the bush war because of the high standard of leadership afforded to us. As for pictures - who has time to take them - except to show the aftermath of a real war. Even then most formal armies in the world deny the troops the luxury of taking photo's - if any were taken it would be in the utmost clandistine way, if found you paid a high price in detention barracks. The author would always be the greatest in my book, he knew combat, and he played the game for real - all the time.


review by Wellington

Among all the gonzo "combat manuals" circulating in the editorial world this book is the real deal. I once heard somebody saying that commando tactics are just infantry tactics "just much more". This looks to me the very same approach the author takes in this book: know the basics well and everything else will follow. And don't forget all the tactics here described have been tried and tested in combat. This is how even official military manuals should really be written.


Review by Fraser Galbraith

This is the finest military manual I have ever seen on the open market. It is a fascinating read, with the kind of nuts and bolts approach to warfare you would expect from a man with a military career stretching back decades. much of what Peter writes is simple common-sense, but it is common-sense which has been ignored due to the continuing obsession with the SAS and fancy weaponry. The book covers basic fieldcraft- the keystone of good soldiering- and then covers the problems of fighting in different locations, such as jungle, or the desert. Throughout Peter stresses attention to detail, and planning ahead, along with the importance of the fundamental battle drills. In conclusion, if you want to pour over glossy photos of machine-guns, look elsewhere. If you want to learn what soldiering is really about, buy this book today.


Review by Booklovers

Reported as one of the best books on modern soldiering and small-unit tactics. Written by former SAS sergeant Peter McAleese, a veteran of over a hundred firefights in war zones around the world, it condenses the combat lessons of his 30-year career into a single handbook. - every page is packed with practical insight into tactics (battle prep, patrols, ambush, defense), theaters of war ...

An all-embracing casebook of military skills drawing Peter McAleese'e vast soldiering experience. McAleese'e Fighting Mannual describes the full extent and variety of military tasks facing the modern infantryman in today's world of low intensity warfare and peacekeeping operations, in all climates and all terrains. Each skill is supported by a relevant military anecdote - some poignant, some horrifying, all laced with McAleese's wry humour. Aimed at serving soldiers, those who have recently left the forces and are seeking jobs in the quasi-mercenary world, weekend survivalists, paintballers and military buffs, this is the fighting manual - an informative, exciting and entertaining read.