Real Soldiers Of Fortune

by Robert Harding Davis

Published by Paladin Press


Quote Contains thrilling, true accounts of six daring nineteenth century mercenaries, told by a man who was there. Author Richard Harding Davis, recognised as the worlds first modern war correspondent, reported on the Spanish-American War, Greco-Turkish Wars. Boer War and World War 1. In 'Real Soldiers Of Fortune', he tells the story of six men. "who for pay, or love of adventure, fought under the flag of any nation. "Davis covers the fighting exploits of such notable mercs as William Walker, who conquered Nicaragua with fifty-seven men in 1855, Major-General Henry Maclver, who fought under eighteen flags during his fifty-year career, and Winston Churchill, the famous british prime minister who was first a soldier in the Spanish-American and Boer Wars. Rare photos of these and other men of action complement this exciting hardcover volume, an exact reprint of the scarce 1906 edition. Historians, collectors and SOFers will want to read these 240 pages. UnQuote


Soldiers Of Fortune magazine January Edition 1982