War Stories

by Al J.Venter and Friends

Al J. Venter's new book 'War Stories', has strong South African links, but includes forays into other countries. Comprising of 35 chapters, most of which were written by well-known people who were there in various operational theatres. The book starts off with Neall Ellis's chapter on his flying the Russian Mi-8s on supply missions in Afghanistan. Some excellent Rhodesian material is covered by SAS Colonel Brian Robinson, RLI troopie Hannes Wessels, Selous Scouts Lt Col Ron Reid-Daly. Former Selous Scout Aubrey Brooks, a section leader in Colonel Mike Hoare's invasion force that tried to take the Seychelles by force, covers that aborted operation including his own arrest and subsequent sentencing to death. South Africa's Border Wars are covered, to list a few, a chapter written by Paul Els on the first battles that started it all, Graham Gillmore on the 44 Parachute Brigade, Al Venter's experiences during Parabat's Charlie Company's attack on Cuamato where their Pumas were ambushed by RPG-7's. Combat correspondent Willem Steenkamp writes on what it was like to report on wars in those days. There are chapters on Portugal's African campaigns which today's generation know very little about. Venter aims to put the record straight since Lisbon was fighting guerrillas in Africa twice as long as America remained active in Vietnam. Other pieces include a story on experiences with a private military company in Iraq, Myke (Hawkeye) Hawke own exploits fighting drug gangs, US Colonel Lester (Les) Grau compares Soviet 1980 efforts with whats going on in Afghanistan today...... and many more. A very interesting compendium of military writing that will be thoroughly well-illustrated throughout, with plently of photos.

Target release date : April / May 2011

Taken from Bushveld.net