Congo 1960's

Abie Britz

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Albertville on Lake Tanyanika August 1965

These are the hand written orders and signatures which were written for the 3 men of 5 commando who were left behind. These mentos belong to my Dad, J.A.Britz known as Abie. The 3 men left were: Eaton de la Hunt, Barry Dyson & J.A Britz(Abie). All were South African 'Volunteers' in 5 Cdo. 22nd March 1965.

This information belongs to and was sent from Lynette Britz Abie's Daughter

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1965 skinny coleman brewing/stilling
    5 Commando 1965      

5 Commando 1965 L-R No. 5 - standing is Lt. Jack Carton-Barber.

  Jack Carton-Barber in the middle of the picture behind the toppled tree
            Rebel weapons 1965    
George Christy-left with 2 Belgium soldiers between Stanleyville & Banalia July1965   Ginger Godfrey  

Two Scots men. Johnny & Eddy at Banalia 1965

  One of 21 ambushes for that day 1965    

Bob Holdsworth, Schuller & Selvester. Albertville 1965

  Maj.Saint & Lady Doctor   Stanlyville Airport B-26 1965  

Niangara May 1965. Boet Schoeman & 3 Simba Rebels

  Sonnekus & Skinny Coleman
Mike, Mandy & Pat Grove on the ferry after the attack on Bondo  

Eddy McAslan – Scotty – Attack on Banalia


55 Cdo. RSM Burger without helmet


Maj Wicks, Belgium Capt. & Kat Col. Ferret Wrecked when ambushed by Bazooka near Stanleyville

  Skinny Coleman
    Skinny Coleman at Watsa April 1965  

J. Fourie, Tommy Thomson & George Christie. Albertville July 1965

  Bill Elson  

H.Van Ryn, Ron Columbic & Sam Scott. Ammunition on the way to Banalia

A.Lee & Norman Thomas Albertville Aug 1965   Norman Thomas   Tim Dreyer Stanlyville   Abie Britz & Norman Thomas    
        Photo found in Aba, Congo March 1965. Does anyone know who she is or who the photo belongs to?   Col.Hoare & pilots on a visit to Feradje with the capture of the Simba rebels (in the background.)   Ginger Godfrey-Feradje
        J.van Der Hoek at Buta May 1965        

One of the hostages found in Bondo after hiding in the house for 6 mths. Rescued by 5 Commando who then proceeded to search for his family who were taken across the river the night before. They were reunited about a week later.Does anyone know who he is or perhaps his whereabouts?


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