Congo 1960/68

5 Commando's Rules of Battle

1) Pray to God daily.

2) Make a fetish of personal cleanliness; take pride in your appearance. Even in the midst of battle; shave every day without fail.

3) Clean and protect your weapon always. They must be bright clean and slightly oiled. Examine your ammunition frequently. Check and clean your magazine springs and clips.

4) Soldiers in pairs; look after each other; be faithful to your mate. Be loyal to your leaders.

5) Tell no lies in battle. All information must be accurate or your unit will suffer. Exaggerate to your girl friends later, but NEVER  NEVER in battle.

6) Be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Mark all your equipment. Keep, It handy at all times. At night develop a routine for finding it.

7) Look after your vehicle. Fill it with petrol before resting. Clean it. Do not overload unnecessarily.

8) Take no unnecessary risks.

9) Stand-to dawn and dusk. At night have confidence in your sentries; post as few as the situation demands.

10) Be aggressive in action – chivalrous in victory – stubborn in defense.