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The Congo conflict mid 1960's

Col Jeremiah Puren
Major Mike Hoare 'Camera Press'
Col Jean Schramme 'Camera Press'
Capt Siegfried Muller 'Associated Press'



Joseph Kasavaubu President of the Congo from 1960/65 deposed by General Mobutu

'Camera Press'


Mobutu Sese Seko Former president of Zaire (now known as the Congo)

The New York Times once called him, "the very model of an African dictator, dirty with corruption as his country collapsed around him." Mobutu was known for publicly executing and mercilessly torturing his political opponents to maintain power. Mobutu also siphoned public funds to create a personal fortune that was almost equivalent to his country's foreign debt.

Pratrice Lumumba was the first Prime Minister of the Congo, but was overthrown and murdered less than a year into office.
Christophe Gbeyne who used the European hostages to blackmail the Government of which many died before they were rescued.
Moise Tshombe President of the secessionist Katanga province 1960.