Newspaper Articles

British Mercenaries in Angolan Prison by Sam Gould Date unknown ?
Release of British Mercenaies from Angolan Prison Date unknown ?
John Banks back behind bars 30th December 1981
How Mad Mikes Package Holiday Coup Misfired by Anthony Mockler & the Daily Mail 13th July 1982
Article involving John by David Connett published in The Independent Tuesday 6th April 1993
Article about Mary Thomkins by Clair Lonrigg & The Daily Telegraph 8th October 2004
The Curious Case of 'Simon Man' by Adam Roberts for the Guardian 3rd November 2009
'Executive Outcomes' Where was the Wonga by Barbara Jones & the Mail on Sunday 22nd November 2009
Liberia by James Brabazon and the Daily Mail 18th August 2010
'Chilean Mercenary's Guarding Australian Embassy in Iraq' by J. Mendes and S. Mitchell & ABC 15th Sept 2010
'Chile's Iraq Mercenaries Under Investigation by U.N. Group' by Mike Hager & Santiago Times 9th Oct 2010