SAFN 7.92mm Rifle

This rifle was made and sold at the same time as the Type D (qv), and it went to many of the same customers. It is a self-loading rife of the old pattern, well made and rather heavy. It is still to be found in smaller armies and it often turns up in the hands of Guerilla and irregular forces, particularly in South America. Although it was used in the Congo during the 1960's. It was made in several calibres to suit the requirements of the market and the construction will probably ensure that it will survive for several years.

From 'Janes' Rifles & Light Machine Guns. Edited by Colonel John Weeks 1980



Ammunition: .30 in; 7.92mm; 7 mm

Operation: Gas; self-loading

Magazine: 10 round box

Sights: Foresight post; Rearsight tangent aperture

Muzzle velocity: (.30 in) 730 m/s

Length: 1201 mm (barrel 589 mm)

Weight:4.5 kg

Manufacturer: FN Herstal, Liege