40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966

A Company 2 Troop

'The Saints'

Photo Gallery

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Jungle Warfare School   Jungle Warfare School   One of 2 Troops cats   2 Troops Hut   Jock Minnock, Geordie Frith, Terry Aspinall & Jock Stone

Lundu Police Station before we arrived


Lundu Police Station after we arrived, Notice sand bags & Bren by the door


Lundu. Police Station to building on the far left


The entrance to the river leading up to Lundu



    2 Troop on patrol   Lundu   Bristol Belvedere at Sematan   Kampong ?
Samunsam 1   Samunsam 2   Jocks, Knock & Anderson   Samunsam 4   Samunsam 5
Samunsam 6   Terry Aspinall sitting in the shallows. A beach to the east of Singapore

Left Officer. Big Guy at the back Sgt Nobby Clarke. Girl Mine owners wife. Front row with brown dog Don Hackett. with Dog with back head Kenneth Atkinson Taken at Sematan


A Coy - Golden Venus. Morts going home party. Thats him the happy soul in the middle

Dave Giles by the volley ball court   2 Troop 1964  
Ginger Walters & Terry Aspinall wrote to Pat after finding her picture on a newspaper kite children were flying in a jungle clearing
  Looking up at 2 section Hut number 139   2 Troop Boot Wallar
The Saints Dieppe Day Parade 1965   Geordie Smart after a game with KOSB's   Roof of the Brit Club L/R Dave Giles. Mne Perkins & Kenny Atkinson   2nd from left Ken Boliss. then Ed Rutter, Standing Jan Weavil (or Webble) last one is Mne Brammer   Rifle range getting ready for Borneo the 4th deployment
Mne Galleon   Mne's Giles and Atkinson            

    Hut 139 - Left Kenny Atkinson. - Right Geordie Smart           Jock knock. ?? ??