40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966

A Company 3 Troop

'The Saints'

3 Troop Photo Galler'y

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Then Now Surname Christian Nick Rank Number When
    Adamson (Tp Sgt)     Sgt    
    Bond Geoff Issy Cpl Po19664R  
    Bond James   Cpl    
    Courage Tony   Mne    
    Cran   Jock - Lofty Mne    
    Findlay Jim   Mne    
    Johnson Jonno   Cpl    


1964 - 1966
    McDonald John Johnny Mac Mne    
    MacFarlan Justine Jock Mne    
    McQueen (Tp Sgt)     Sgt    
    O'Brien Mick   Cpl    
    Pattenden   Trigger Mne    
    Pitt Tom   Mne   Aug64 - Jan66
    Reid Ginge   Mne    
    Rutherford (Tp Sgt) Mick   Sgt    
    Small     Sgt    
    Smith     Mne    
    Streeter Al   Cpl    
    Tennant Ken Jock LCpl    
    Thompson   Geordie      
  Wells .......(Radio opperator) John Bomber Mne PO22390G