40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966

B Company Headquarters

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Then Now Surname Christian Nick Rank Number When
    Bacon (Tp Cmdr & CO) Jasper Rupert   Lt    
    Barrett (Tp Cmdr)     2nd Lt    
    Blundell (Tp Cmdr)     Lt.    
    Connolly (Recce) James Mick Mne   1964 -1967
    Daubney Roger   C.S.M.   1963 -1964
    Frost Nigel Freezer Mne RM 20908 1963 - 1964
    Gardiner Pat   Capt C.O.    
    Greer William Mick Mne RM 20391 1963-1966
  Gregson (Tp Cmdr)     Lt    
    Hipwell ..(C.Q.M.S.)   Paddy C/Sgt    
    Lamb (4Tp Cmdr)   Larry Lt   1964 - 1966
    Lumley-Harvat     Sgt    
    Morgan     2 I/C.    
  Norton Gordon Sgt-Maj Q.S.M.    
    Pack (Tp. Cmdr) Simon   Lt    
    Parker   Nosh Cpl.    
    Scott Bob       1963-1965
    Seeger MC (6Tp Cmdr) R.A.M.   Lt.
  1962 - 1964
    Tailyour (Tp Cmdr)     Lt.    
    Taplin ..(C.O.) John   Lt. Col.    
    Thompson (4Tp Cmdr) Nick Hollywood Lt   1962 - 1964
    Wheatley (Tr Cmdr) Merv   Lt