40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966

C Company Headquarters

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Then Now Surname Christian Nick Rank Number When
    Cameron (Tr Cmdr)     Lt    
    Barrie (7 Tr Cmdr)     2nd Lt    
    Dixon (Doxon?)     C/Sgt    
    Fulton   Mick Sgt    
    Lockhead (Coy Clerk?)   Jock Mne    

Lloyd  (ic)


    Milne-Hume (Tr Cmdr)     Lt    
    Reynolds (C.C.) Peter   Capt    
    Saunders     Lt   1963 - 1965
    Shallow O.C. David   Capt    
    Todd (Tr Cmdr) Chris   Lt    
    Trotman (9 Tr Cmdr)          
    Uzzell (7 Tr Cmdr) Ian   2/Lt   1962 - 1963
    Weston     Maj. C.O.   1963 - 1965
    Whithead   Tiny CSM