40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966

Royal Marine families looking for answers

connected with 40Cdo in Borneo

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David 'Nobby' Hall RM 15543

I have been trying to research my father’s service history and came across your site today.  My parents separated when I was young so I have don’t have a lot of details to share with you regarding his time in 40 Cdo.  I’d be very grateful if you could add him to the list of marines that you are trying to place.  I have attached a couple of photographs and I hope that someone will recall him and be able to place him.

I have contacted the RM Museum Eastney to try and get some more information.  I will happily update you with anything that may be of use to your site.

My father was from Newcastle and  joined the corps in 1955 as a boy bugler and served in 40 Cdo between 29/01/62 and 30/06/64 as a L/Cpl.  He left the corps in 1970 and passed away in 2003.

Best regards