40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966

40 Commando Headquarters

Photo Gallery

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Then Now Surname Christian Nick Rank Number When
    Blake   Pompey      
    Bell   Dinger      
    Bray   Donkey RSM    
  Bullock (Provost) Peter Pete Cpl   1965
  Chettwin (Provost)     L/Cpl   1965
    Clark (Air Troop) Derek   L.N.A.M.    



Coppard Tony Fearless Fred Cpl RM 16234 Nov62 / April64
    Connolly Mick     RM 19785 1964 / 1967
  Crangle David Mick   RM 17743 Feb62 / Aug63
    Dougle (QM)     Capt    
    Farrell (Air Troop) John J.   L.N.A.M.    
    Farrell (O.Mess) Terry Fluff Cpl   1962 - 1963
    Faux Eric   QMS    
Freeman (Clerk) Roger   Cpl RM 31253 1965
  Grant Charlie   L/Cpl   1965
    Goringe     QMS    
    Hewling (Clerk) Johnny   Mne    
    Hill (Stores)   Pussers      
  Huddlestone Pro Sgt Bill   C/Sgt    
    Hunter (CO)   Colditz Fame Lt Col   Left Feb 1963
    Kelly (Clothing Store)   Spike      
  Kilby (Coy Clerk) Paul   Cpl    
    Legg (Unit Photo) Ron   Cpl    
    Lockhead (Clerk) W.   Mne    
    McFee (Provost) Jimmy   C/Sgt   1962 - 1963
    Melling Thomas   Mne RM 21241  
    Morgan MM (HQ Coy Cmdr) Tom   Maj    
  Mortimer (Provost) David Mort or Dave L/Cpl   1965
    O'Bray (Provost) Monty Sticks L/Cpl   1964-1965
    O'Donnell Jim   Mne    
    Ozborrow (Plumber)   Ozzie      
    Parsons C.O.     Lt Col    
    Peever (Bugle) Brian   Cpl    
    Perkins (Despatch Rider)     L/Cpl    
    Pickering   Jock      
    Pounds (Kings Badge) Derek Edgar Became Maj/Gen SOO    
    Pridmore (Pro. Sgt.) Anthony Tony C/Sgt    
    Quartermain (Provost) Frank   L/Cpl   1962 - 1963
    Sidwell R. Became Maj. I/C B Coy Captain    
    Smith Charlie   Cpl    
    Taylor   Rev Padre    
    Techner (Air Troop)     CPO   1965 - 1966
    Wareing (Provost)   Butch L/Cpl   1962 - 1963
    Weeks Ambrose   Padre    
    Wheeler     L/Cpl    
    Wide Tony (Later B Coy) Cpl    
    Wilson (Chippy)   Tug QMS