40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966


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From Ken 'Fess' Parker

Mortar Troop Bau School 1963


Chrismas 1963 Semengo Camp

L to R Back row. ?? Jan Slade MMG. Barry Knight MMG. Jack Thacker MMG.   Geordie Young MMG. ??. Scouse Doake MMG. ??. ??. Wakefield-Smith Mortars. Cpl..?. Jock Young Mortars. Al something. Jimmy Green A.E. Colin Thomas MMG. ??.
Front Row ?? Dad Roberts MMG Storeman. Jock Troake MMG. Pete Underwood Mortars.   Standing Jim Rowan. Holding the Chair Jeff Oats


Photos of an old mortar box bought a few years back at a clearing sale in the UK. The markings on the box and the documents under the lid show it was packed in 1962 and the “My” might suggest it saw some service in Malaya or Borneo. Can any body help?

From Graham Gosper

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From Alex McFarlane

  Plamu Mapu. Mortar Pit and main entrance Danny Sarawak 1965 Equipment & ammo re-supply Plamu Mapu 1965 Frank Green, Olly, Danny & Pincher View of a new camp Plamu Mapu in the Borneo jungle
Burma Camp 22nd March 1966 Sungei Tenge. Bush Sgt Davies,Taff Davies, Alex, Olly & JJ Shaw. 1966 Bush & Taff Reid Borneo Patrol 1966 On Patrol in Sarawak Second Division July 1966

From Olly Scarrott