40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966


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Then Now Surname Christian Nick Rank Number When
    Carini Rick   Cpl    
    Chapman Patrick Pat Cpl RM 18990 1965 / 1966
    Connolly Mick     RM 19785 1964 / 1967
    Day   Happy C/Sgt    
    Leefmans Bob        
    Mason Clive   Mne    
    O'Brien     Cpl    
    Pack Simon   Lt    
    Plowman Peter   Mne RM 19758 Sept64 Mar65
    Sheriden Guy   Lt    
    Stead Mick Brum Sgt    
    Weller Brian        
    Wilson   Tug C/Sgt    
    Williams   Bungy      
    Wright Barry Shiner Mne RM20739 1964 / 1966