40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966

The 50 Year Reunions

Reunions No1

During early 2012 a small group of 'Saints' tried to organise a reunion at Lundu in Sarawak. However, upon a recce by one of the group it was discovered that there is very little jungle left around the Kampong of Lundu. However it was then suggested that the reunion be held in Singapore, to which several members of the group thought it would be to costly a place to stay. It was next suggested that we all meet in Glasgow, but that fell though as well. Anyway to cut the story short a final meeting place was arranged to take place in Edinburgh (UK) on Monday 15th October 2012.

Two members with their wives turned up at a local Edinburgh fish restaurant and had a field day, after dressing for the occasion accordingly. During the next day they visited the sites of Edinburgh including the castle, where they came upon the manager of Rangers football club being interviewed on television. The two said Marines wasted no time in trying to get them selves onto the evening television news, by standing behind the Rangers manager being interviewed and displaying their special Tee Shirts for the occasion.

David 'Shiner' Wright (1 Troop) and Terry Aspinall (2 Troop) (Borneo)

Dave Shiner Wright
        On Telivision