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40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966


The mythical Britannia club swimming pool dive

Many time I have heard of the Britannia drive as it became know.  It's been claimed by many that they know of, or were told of, and even witnessed that Marines were diving into the Britannia Club swimming pool from the upstairs dance floor. Having visited the club on many many many occasions, I often heard people planning to do it, but did not witness it ever being attempted. I have to admit that I also thought very hard many times of attempting it myself. I classed myself as a good swimmer and dare devil, and I did try it at a couple at other venues around the city. But this one No, and I personally don't think it was ever achieved at least successfully. In fact I don't think it could be achieved unaided.

You only have to look at the photos included to see what I mean, it's one hell of a stretch of land to cover before you reach the water. Added to that there was also a hand rail to get over. I was once told that an attempt was going to be made by running across the dance floor and flinging himself onto a table that was going to be  raised at one end on the hand rail, it would have been like a rocket being fired with no fuel in it. And I think he would have just flopped over the hand rail, missing the water by  couple of feet.

Being older and I hope wiser and I like to think honest, I was talking with fellow RMAQ Marine Alan 'Buster' Brown about this subject. Buster had sever in Singapore and like all Marines frequented the Brit Club and he agrees that it could not be achieved successfully.
Wondering what you all think?

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