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40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966


The supposed toughest man in the American Fleet

During 1963 -1964 an American War Ship was anchored off Singapore and some of the crew were allowed shore leave. And as is usual they all made for the Britannia club for a spot of serious drinking, and as was usual for our Marines we also visited the club to try and score free booze from our American friends.

A few hours in,  and as is usually many were reeling around quite drunk as well as our boys I might add.

Anyway One very big, and I do mean big US Marine at the bar sudenley turned around to face everybody in the club and proclaimed at the top of his voice that he was the toughest Marine in the United States fleet. To which a Royal walked up to him and  punched him in the jaw, and dropped the American to the floor. The American then shocked most guys in the club by getting to his feet and once again proclaiming aloud that he was still the toughest guy in the United State fleet.

Once again a Royal stepped up and again punched him in the jaw, and just as before he ended up on the floor.

To our amazement the American grabbing hold of a bar stool leg pulled himself up and back onto he feet. Proclaiming to all once again with a loud voice that he was still the  toughest guy in the United States Fleet.

Just then a quite small Royal, I believe from C Coy stepped forward with his right arm in a plaster cast and hit the American on the jaw with the forearm part of the plaster covered arm. This time as the American went down there was an almighty cheer from most of the Royals in the club. Oh and the American stayed down.

However, it did trigger an all in fight that smashed the club up quite badly.

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