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40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966


War Dogs 2

by Patrick Walker C Coy & A.E.

This is a true story as best I can remember and about the War-dogs held in the training camp behind Burma camp near Kota Tinggi.

 There were quite a large number of Alsatians kept there  under training.

One day a member of the press went there to do a story about them. He got one of the handlers to bring his dog out and tied it up to some thing nearby. He then talked about it and their training and the dog sat  quietly and obediently on the ground.

The press man then wanted to take a photo of the dog in a fierce pose so he asked the handler to do this.
 However the dog had other ideas and just sat patiently. Eventually it decided to growl and bark but still not enough for the photographer.

 He then picked up a stick and started to thrash the ground in front of the dog shouting at it to get it angry. This did the trick and the dog became totally ferocious and straining while standing on its hind legs. It was at this point that the dogs lead broke. The photographer got a good savaging before the handler could control his dog.

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