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40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966


Memories of Serudong Laut

By Patrick Walker

I can remember a time at Serudong Laut while working with the A/E`s we needed hardcore and sand to `batch-up` some concrete to make the floor for the galley  a hard standing so the mud was not carried  everywhere.

The  temporary A/E `sunray` at the time was QMS Mic Oliver and we set off up stream in an alloy assault boat. The river was tidal well above the site and great care had to be taken avoiding submerged tree trunks and large boulders, which at one phase of the tide were well hidden but at others just below the surface.

After half an hour or so we landed on a bend and started to load up sandbags with gravel. We then moved further up stream to look for suitable sandy material and on one bend  came across several very large lizards sunbathing on a sandbank. I dont think they were crocs just large lizards about four feet long. They were not sure whether we posed a  threat and you could see them thinking hard before slowly slithering off into the water.

Once we had found a source of sand below a small water fall we loaded up and set off for home. In the mean time the tide had dropped somewhat and with our extra load we sat deeper in the water. We had many horrendous scraping sounds as our keel caught the top of some hidden obstruction but we got safely back Serudong Laut.

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