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40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966


The Pork Pie Incident

Early 1963

1 Troop A Company 

While still at Burma Camp (1963) Major (Pug)  Davis DSC. SBS.  A   Companies C.O. walked into his office one morning to be confronted by a Pork pie that was sitting on his desk. Well as you can image the preverbal hit the fan, and within minutes he ordered the whole company to assemble outside. For those who are not aware Major Davis was at that time the only serving Jewish Officer in the corps.

Once the whole company was assembled Major Davis did not mince his words and demanded to know, what clown had place a PORK pie on his desk, no one said a word. Major Davis   went on to add that if the culprit  did not own up, then all shore leave including the outliers would be cancelled, until they did. To put it politely he went bloody mental.

Because of the threats made against all the comapny Rod Spinks finally raised his hand and admitted it was him.

Major Davis dealt with him in his way.

Quote Pug removed his Majors epilates and behind his wooden office we went, he hit me first then I got a few in and took a few back as Pug had been a boxer, then we shook hands and all was forgotten, that was Pug, a brilliant leader of men  and as I have said before the best officer I ever served under. We had just returned back from Borneo when we were told to report back to Burma Camp as we were shipping out again, all the outliers and ranks who were ashore had to get back pronto, I said to Pug, Sir I only have 2 weeks left before my 3 years are up and knowing my luck I could have not made it home so he said Spinks you will be on guard duty until you fly home, I'll  never forget this because I had a pussers new  BRASS cap badge and I was sitting on the steps outside the guardroom filing and rubbing this badge when one of the lad's said keep still Terry (my nickname) and a ferkin huge snake slithered down the steps and over my legs, nearly shite myself ha ha.

The finest Officer the Corp's ever had may he now rest in peace.Unquote

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The famous Cap Badge

Rod with former 40 Cdo. Marine, Mike 'Tug' Wilson who was in HQ Coy as one of the Ist RM Police. They met up again this year (2011) after 46 years, Mike is still recovering from a bad stroke 18 years ago, but he still has the Bootneck sense of humour!!

All photos from Rod Spinks

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