40 Royal Marine Commando

Based at Burma Camp Malaya

1962 to 1966



Tawau 1964 to 1965


Not sure if this video includes any  Royal Marines based in Tawau, but it is interesting and somebody out there might recognise something.

This video is from Stewart George Hornibrook. His Father (George Hornibrook) made the movie and also appears in it, he is the one chopping wood outside the tent near the beginning. He was in the RAF  fire service and also worked with the helicopter recognisance missions.

He also helped build the camp at Tawau and I'm sure there were Marines who also took part in the construction.

The video was taken by taken by George Hornibrook.

Stewart has posted other videos on his YouTube page under the name of Aestheticpassion

Comment on the Youtube video
I was in Borneo 1963/66. I was on secondment to the SBS at Sematan, up near Tanjong Datu (far western tip of Sarawak). We were there to allow the Main force of SBS to go up to Tawau, to form the Tawau Assault Group. This was about July 1964. I did Ops all along the Milano Bay, Turtle Islands and Tanjong Datu area. Days gone by! I was only 18 when I went out there. borneomick


If you were there there is a few memories here