Early Memories from around Stowmarket

The Suffolk Punch Horse

Standing about 16 Hands, the famous Suffolk Punch is always chestnut ( traditionally spelt with no "t") in colour. It has a broad, deep body and short unfeathered legs. The Suffolk is the oldest breed of heavy horse in the world, dating from the 15th century or earlier. It is known for its docile temperament which makes it easy to handle.

I believe the cart was known as a Tumble.


This photo is taken from a Post Card

My Mothers Brother Michael Palmer who lived on top of Creeting Road Hill, used to look after farmer Sterns Horses while in his middle teenage years. I can still imagine him walking along behind a team of horse like these pulling a seed drill or plough.


One of farmer Sterns workers, Uncle Michael and Cousin Ivan Abbott


A Steam Thrashing Machine

Photo taken from a Post Card

A long with Nana Palmer and my Mother, I used to watch these machines operating in the field on the top of Creeting Road Hill, on the left as you approach it from the town side.


Badley woods as I remember them

I used to love walking through Badly Wood even though it was a long trek from Poplar Hill


A left over from the Second World War

Photo taken from a very old East Anglian Daily Times

I've played in a few of these, that were left scattered around the Stowmarket area.