Royal Marines

Slang from the Second World War to the present day

All Military Services around the world develop their own choice of words while training their recruits, something that is unique to just them.  A tradition that goes back many years, but still goes on to this day. In fact it could be said that a military minded person could usually work out where they are just by hearing them speak. The Royal Marines are no exception, and what follows is just a small selection of words that may help you next time you're talking to a Royal Marine.

A1. (the best).
ABC. (all been changed).
ABCBA. (all been changed back again)
Ace. (good excellent).
Acid. (sarcasm, don’t come the old acid).
Adrift. (anyone or anything that cannot be found when it is wanted).
AFO’s. (dirty books).
Aggie Weston’s. (Royal Sailors Rest)
Aimer. (a military driver).
Airy Fairy. (member of the Fleet Air Arm).
Andrew. (the Royal Navy).
Ankle Biters. (children).
Animal Run. (a good run ashore).
Arse Over Tit. (head over heels).
A Rub. (the Blame or responsibility).
A Rub or Rubber. (a loan).
A Scrubbing. (receiving a reprimand).
ATS. (Anti Trapping Squad i.e. a mate can see you off by thinning a girl out, you were trying to trap
AWOL. (Absent With Out Leave, and when caught detention).
AWT. Artic-warfare trained.
Aye. (an exclamation of astonishment or admiration).
Back Chatter. (someone who always answers back).
Babies Ration Pack. (females breasts).
Bag Off. (to have sex).
Bag-Rat. (packed lunch invariably containing salt & vinegar crisps and a rotten Cornish pasty).
Bag Shanty. (brothel).
Bale. (meaning to remove water, comes from the old name Boyle for a bucket).
Bandy/Bandi. (a Musician or Bandmaster).
Bang-box. (the gun turret on big ships).
Banjo. (to kill or destroy).
Base Over Apex. (head over heels, arse over tit).
Bass the Bishop. (masturbation).
Battle Bowl. (combat helmet).
Banyan. (party or Picnic on a beach or boat).
Barracks. (military camp and the Royal Marines mess deck on board a ship).
Barron. (someone with a lot of money).
Basha. (a temporary shelter in the field, now applied to any temporary shelter in the field).
Beasting or Beast. (give someone a hard time, serious physical training).
Belay. (cease doing something, or cancel what you were told).
Bezzy Best. (as in Bezzy Oppo, best friend).
Bible Basher. (chaplin or padre)
Bimble. (to wander around casually with the mind in neutral).
Bish. (Chaplain or Padre).
Bit of Kit. (someone who is honking in everything he does).
Bite. (to be drawn into an argument, or to fool somebody into doing or believing something stupid).
Bivvy or Bivouac. (A temporary shelter in the field usually made from a personal water proof poncho cape).
Black Maskers. (thick black masking tape that is the all in one answer to service DIY).
Blues. (Royal Marines ceremonial blue uniform).
Blue Card. (no watch alongside).
Bombed Out. (crazy exhausted).
Bone. (a stupid thing to do or a stupid person).
Bone Dome. (a helmet for climbing or Kevlar).
Bombed Out. (drunk or crazy).
Boogie. (pronounced boo-jee- similar to dhobie but applied to equipment).
Bootie. (Royal Marine).
Bootneck. (Royal Marine derived from the leather uniform stock worn around the neck during Lord Nelson's days).
Boss. (respectful but casual way of referring to the officer in command).
Bottom Field. (assault course at CTC where the recruits spend most of their time being beasted).
Bowser. (large container of water, also reference to a gronk).
Brag-Rags. (a medal ribbons).
Brammer. (outstandingly good).
Brass Monkeys. (bitterly cold weather).
Brasso. (too clean brass badges).
Brill/Brills. (brilliant, excellent, magnificent).
Bristol Fashion. (neat and tidy as in ship shape).
Bronzy. (sun tan).
Bronzy Time. (sunbathing).
Brothel Creepers (soft soled shoes).
Brown Job. (Army).
Brown Nose. (person who snivels around superiors).
Bubbled. (to be found out, or rumbled).
Bugis Street (red light area of Singapore).
Bug Out. (a military withdrawal).
Bugles. (Bugle Major, and a collection of musical instruments).
Bunch of Grapes. (piles).
Bunting Tosser. (signaller of any rank, a flag wagger).
Buzz. (a rumour usually not true or a general description of a situation.).
BZ. (Bravo Zulu, well done usually sent on a signal).
Cabin. (a room or accommodation, usually a bed room).
Can I Be A Pain. (asking someone to help with a problem).
Can Spanner. (tin opener).
Canteen Medals. (name for stains down the front of jumper, jacket or coat caused by food or drink).
Canvas Back. (someone who is always lying on his back, laying on his pit, bed).
Case Vac. (casualty evacuation).
Catch The Boat. (contact a venereal disease).
Catch My Drift. (understand what I’m saying).
Catch My Drive. (understand what I’m saying).
CGRM. (Commandant General Royal Marines).
Chad. (something that is considered 'cheesy' or of low quality).
Chad Valley. (describes a piece of equipment that is prone to failure, usually Pussers kit).
Charlie-G. (the Carl Gustav 84mm anti-tank weapon).
Chateau Crappers Wine. (preferably cheap, and always nasty).
Cherry Berry. (member of the Parachute Regiment, from their red berets).
Chew the Fat. (to talk volubly. It is possibly derived from the considerable jaw work involved in chewing the old-time ration meat before the days of refrigerators or canned meat.
Chief Loafer. (Chaplain or Padre).
Chilling Out. (taking it easy).
Chins. (hard luck).
Chin Stay. (the Strap used to secure a cap, or helmet to the head).
Chinese Wedding Cake. (name for rice pudding with currants or raisins in it).
Chippy. (carpenter).
Chit/Chittie. (piece of paper, a request form)
Chit Request. (form).
Chop-Chop. (move it quickly, get a move on).
Chopper. (Helicopter).
Chuck One Up. (to Salute).
Chuck Up. (to receive praise or to be sick).
Chuffed. (pleased).
Chunter. (to mutter or mumble).
Church Key. (a bottle opener).
Civvies. (civilian clothing).
Clear Lower Deck. (all ranks called together 100% turnout, to muster).
Cloggie. (a Dutchman).
Club Swinger. (PTI, Physical Training Instructor).
Cloogie. (Royal Nederlands Marine).
Cluster Fuck. (very badly organised).
Cockie. (Cockroach).
Colonel. (Colonel Gaddafi / The NAAFI shop).
Colour/Colours Stripey .(Colour Sergeant).
Come Along Side. (to make the grade, to agree).
Common Dog. (common sense).
Compo. (composite rations, ration pack).
Condensing Snot. (snoring).
Corps. (The Royal Marines)
Corps Pissed. (to be totally intoxicated by the Royal Marines).
Cow Juice. (milk).
Crab/Crab Air. (members of the RAF. The phase “Time to spare, fly Crab Air).
Crabby. (Dirty).
Crack it. (to achieve).
Cracked It. (to have achieve something)
Cracked Up. (to lose ones patience).
Crappers (to be very drunk or go to the toilet).
Crash Out. (to fall asleep).
Cream In. (to Collide or crash).
Crimbo/Chimbo. (Christmas / yuletide).
CTCRM/CTC. (Commando Training Centre Royal Marines at Lympstone in Devon where all ranks of the Royal Marines undergo their training. Usually basic abbreviated to CTC.
Damager. (NAAFI manager, always a civilian).
Dank. (miserable).
Dark and Dirty, (Pusser's rum and Coke).
Dead Beat. (all in. tired, ready for a sleep, kip)
Devil Dodger. (Chaplain or Padre).
Dhoby/Dhobi. (wash your clothes).
Dhoby Dust. (washing powder).
Dhoby Marks. (Rank Badges).
Dhoby Run. (a trip to the launderette).
Dhoby Waller. (a person who gets pinged to do the Dhoby).
Dip. (to come up short or suffer a misfortune).
Dig Out/Dig Out Blind. (make an all out effort).
Dink. (to give or receive a blow).
Dipped/Dipped Out. (miss out on something).
Dip Stick. (Idiot).
Dip Your Wick. (intercourse).
Dischuffed. (offended, opposite of chuffed).
Dit. (story).
Ditch. (to throw away or discard).
DL. (Drill Leader, a Marine who has specialised as a drill instructor).
Doc. (a Doctor or any sick bay staff).
Dockyard omelette. (Pizza Vomit).
Dockyard tortoise. (Cornish pastie or oggie).
Dogs. (socks).
Dogs Body. (someone of very little importance).
Dog and Basket. (The Lion and Crown insignia).
Dog Robbers (Jacket and Tie).
Dog Watch. (a two hour watch, also a derogatory term for short length of service).
Donkey Wallopers. (the Cavalry).
Doofer. (a bit that goes on something, dat’ll do for it. Doofer later).
Double Bagger. (a particularly ugly woman or man).
Down On Your Chin Straps. (to be exhausted).
Dregs. (ugly and unappealing).
Drip. (to moan incessantly or to complain).
Drip Sesh. (where complaints can be aired).
Drives. (a driver).
Drop One. (pass wind, fart).
Dropping a Sprog. (to give birth to a baby).
Drummy. (the Drum Major of a band).
Dummy Run. (a trial or practice in which all the motions are gone through but nothing else).
DS. (directing staff).
Duff. (a pudding).
Duffe.r (someone who is a Bone).
Dutchy’s. (a vendor of burgers at CTCRM. Arguably the greatest burger van on the planet).
Duty Beauty. (Duty person).
Ear Pounding. (to give or receive a verbal warning, bollicking).
Earwigging. (eavesdropping).
Eating Irons. (eating utensils).
Egg Banjo. (bread roll with a fried egg).
Egyptian PT. (a nap in the afternoon where you get into bed and adopt the position of a Pharaoh).
Eighty-eight. (Carl Gustav 88mm recoilless anti-tank weapon).
Endex. (the order given to end an exercise or end it early, also used to halt a conversation, lesson or activity).
Eric the red. (rust on a weapon).
Essence. (gorgeous woman or man in good physical condition, visions of beauty).
Eyebrows. (offering something as genuine and offering your eyebrows to be shaved off if you are found to be lying).
Face Like a Sea-Boot. (a man’s face devoid of any expression, and a woman’s face devoid of beauty).
Fang Farrier. (Dentist).
Fanny Rat. (hangs around for an extra sippers from the run Fanny)
Fanny Rat. (womaniser).
Fart Sack. (sleeping bag).
Fast Back. (Taxi).
Fat Knacker. (a not very fit person).
Father. (a ship's Captain).
Flag. (Flapper Signaller).
Flakers. (exhausted).
Flannel Waffle. (a load of Bull).
Flapping. (panicking or flapping around like a headless chicken).
Flash. (to loose one’s temper).
Flip Flops. (light casual foot wear, usually rubber and held on by a throng between the big toe).
Foo Foo. (Pusser's foot powder)
Foul (bad smell).
Galley. (the Junior Ranks Dining Hall).
Gannet. (one with an insatiable appetite, greedy).
Gash. (substandard or rubbish).
Gash-Hand. (one who is left over after the working party has been detailed off).
GD. (general duties).
Gen/Gen Dit. (genuine story the truth).
Geep/Jeeps. (RM term for the L7 General Purpose Machine Gun. (the famous Belgian 7.62 belt fed FN-MAG).
Gig. (a band engagement).
Girls Time. (Cadet Officer's or Apprentice Marines of 16-18 years old, since they are forbidden to go on Active Service).
Gizzit. (any item that might be worth having that someone else no longer needs).
Glimp. (to peer or peep).
Gobbling Rods. (knife fork and spoon).
Gobbers Gulch. (an area between a woman’s stocking top and her suspender belt.
Gob Shite/Gob Off. (someone who is vocal and often speaks out of turn with little knowledge on the given subject).
Globe & Buster. (the Corps Crest also the journal of the Royal Marines the Globe and Laurel magazine).
Glob/Glop. (to slurp or drink hurriedly).
Glopheard. (a habitual drunkard).
God Squad. (Chaplain or Padre).
Golden Rivet. (an old mythological story was that one of the rivets in the lower parts of the ship’s hull was made of gold. A story to confusion although it didn’t exist).
Goffere. (a wave, a cold drink or a punch).
Gongs. (Medals).
Gonk. (to sleep).
Gonk Bag. (sleeping bag).
Gonking. (nodding off or snoozing).
Goffers. (cold fizzy drinks, a wave or a punch).
Go Outside. (to leave the Corps).
Gopping. (nasty, horrible, unenjoyable).
GPMG. (7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun, also known as the Jimpy).
Grapes. (piles).
Grav/Gravel Belly. (derogatory name for a Marine from a rifle company).
Green Card. (starboard watch).
Grease Pit. (washing up duty).
Green Naïve. (gullible, not very knowledgeable).
Green Lid. (Green Beret).
Green Rub. (rotten job / unjust treatment duty, detailing, draft, to be seen off).
Grey Funnel Line. (Ships of the Royal Navy).
Grip. (a kit bag with two carrying handles). 
Gripe. (to keep moan about something).
Grippo. (someone who latches on to a free run ashore, drink or a meal, usually in a foreign port).
Grolly. (something unpleasant).
Gronk. (female who likes to get round bootnecks).
Grot. (your accommodation).
Grot Bag. (sleeping bag).
Grots. (Marine bedrooms or bed).
Ground Bait. (pressies / presents for the female of the moment).
Grounders. (to give away a whole tot for a special favour).
Gucci. (Good, new and / or expensive equipment).
Gulpers. (a quantity of drink somewhere between 'Sippers' and 'Sandy Bottoms').
Gut. (Straight Street in Valetta Malta).
Guz. (Plymouth, from the WW1 radio ID letters for the port was GUZ).
Hand. (member of an organisation / crew. commonly used to refer to an individual of good repute.
Hands Off Cocks on Sock. (orders to get you out of bed).
Hanging Out. (mental or physical tiredness, exhausted, suffering badly).
Hang Fire. (wait a period of time).
Hank/Hank Marvin. (starving).
Hard Tac. (name for ration pack biscuits).
Hard Shit. (bad luck).
Harry. (used before certain words to increase their magnitude).
Harry. (in the toilet, Harry Crappers).
Heads. (toilets, from the old sailing ships where the toilets were directly beneath the figure head at the front of the boat).
Heart Break Lane. (the lane leading back into CTC that forms the final part of the endurance course and 9 mile speed march Commando Tests).
Hertz Van Rental. (Mythical Dutch Officer).
Him She. (transvestite).
Hoofing. (excellent, amazing fantastic, brilliant).
Honkers. (Hong Kong).
Honking. (very dirty and smelly).
Honk Your Ring Up. (to be violently sick).
Horse Box. (the Sergeants Mess on board ship).
House Wife. (sewing kit).
Icers. (freezing cold).
Ickies. (Money).
In Board. (to come out on top).
In the Rattle. (in serious trouble).
Inserted. (to get into bed).
Ish, the. (to have all available equipment, to be the best).
Jaunty. (Master of Arms).
Jack/Jolly Jack. (member of the Royal Navy)
Jack Dusty. (Royal Navy supply rating).
Jacksie. (your backside).
Jack Tar. (Sailor).
Jack Up. (to arrange or organise something).
Jenny. (a female sailor, comes from Jenny Wren WRNS).
Jig A Jig. (a brothel visit).
Jimpy/Jeeps. (general purpose machine gun).
Jimmy. (the First Lieutenant).
Joe. (Royal Marine Commanding officer on board ship).
Joker. (see twat).
Jolly. (a free outing).
Jollies. (the junior ranks bar at CTCRM).
Junglies. (RN helicopter pilots who fly Marines to their insertion point).
Jury Is Still Out. (awaiting an answer).
JWH. (abbreviation for Jersey Wool Heavy, the issue pullover.
Kag/Kaggage. (unwanted and useless equipment).
KD Long. (desert long trousers).
KD Short. (desert shorts).
KD Shirt. (desert shirts).
KFS. (Knife Fork & Spoon).
Kid Gloves. (tread lightly, careful as you go).
Kip. (sleep)
Kit Muster. (personal kit inspection, also describes vomiting).
Knack All. (nothing, nil).
Knacker/Fat Knacker. (someone who is unfit or overweight).
Knee Trembler. (sex standing up).
KUA. (kit upkeep allowance).
Landy. (Land Rover).
Lash Up. (to treat someone, and also describes a cock-up).
Lazy Lob. (half an erecting).
Laughing Kitbags. (to find something very amusing).
LAW. (light anti-tank weapon).
LCA. (landing craft assault).
LCU. (landing craft utility).
LCVP. (landing craft, vehicle/personnel).
Leg It. (to run, and disappear fast).
Let One Go. (pass wind, fart).
Limers. (Lime juice with high vitamin C, or any none fizzy cordial).
Loafer/Loafing. (hanging around aimlessly, to leave something out that should be put away).
Lob On. (full erecting).
Lovats. (Royal Marines number two uniform).
Loopy Loony Juice. (Alcohol).
LMG. (light machine gun).
LPD. (landing platform dock).
LST. (landing ship tank).
LZ. (landing zone).
M&AW. (mountain and artic warfare).
Magic. (Marvellous).
Make and Mend. (early finish, in the old days when you were given time to repair your kit).
Mankey/Manky. (Dirty).
Maskers. (Masking tape. Uses for this valuable commodity are many and varied. Also known as ‘Harry black’ or ‘Harry black maskers’.
Matelot. (Sailor).
Mess Deck Dodger. (somebody responsible for tidying a mess deck or barrack room).
Micky Duck. (a cartoon film).
Mince/Mincing. (to achieve nothing whilst looking relatively busy).
Mine Sweeper. (stealing or picking up an un-attended drink).
Minging. (very drunk).
ML. (mountain leader).
MOA (a batman, an officer's attendant).
MOD (Ministry of Defence).
MOD Plod. (Ministry of Defence Police).
Mucker. (very good mate, better than an Oppo).
Mufti. (civilian clothing).
Munching Monk. (sorry this one is censored)
Muscle Bosun. (one who prides himself on the strength of his body).
N.A.A.F.I (services shop).
Nats Piss. (weak drinks especially Beer).
Nause. (nausea, inconvenience).
NBC. (nuclear, biological and chemical).
Neaters. (undiluted Pusser's rum).
Nelson's Blood. (Rum).
Neptune's Bodyguard. (ships Marines).
Nine O' Clocker's. (mid evening snack).
Ninja. (something that’s very difficult or hard, A Ninja PT session).
Nod/Noddy. (Royal Marine recruit in training).
No Mans Land. (an area that separates the front line of two opposing forces).
Nuse. (inconvenience).
Nutty. (confectionary).
Nutty Fiend. (one who has a sweet tooth).
OD. (An abbreviation indicating ‘Other Denomination’ as a person’s religious conviction or commonly used as a derogatory term for someone who should know better).
O.G. Shirt. (Jungle Shirt).
O.G. Long. (Jungle long trousers).
O.G. Short. (Jungle shorts).
Oggin. (the sea or a stretch of water).
Oggie. (a pasty).
O Group. (a meeting whereby orders for an operation are given to subordinate commanders).
On The Piss. (drinking alcohol).
Old Joe. (Captain in charge of the Royal Marine detachment on board a ship).
Old Man. (Captain of the ship).
OP. (observation post).
Oppo. (Friend, Buddy or Colleagues).
Ooloo. (originally the jungle, but now thick cover vegetation).
Outside. (life after leaving the Corps).
Over The Wall. (AWOL. Absent with out leave, and when caught detention).
Pain in the Arse/Pain in the Butt. (somebody you don’t like, always rubbing you up the wrong way).
Pass Out. (to graduate from the Royal Marine Commando training course and receive your Green lid).
Paraffin Pigeon. (Helicopter).
Party. (steady girlfriend).
Pash. (girlfriend or boyfriend).
Pavement. (Pizza Vomit).
Percy or Percy Pongo. (a soldier from the Army).
Phantom Piddler. (someone who secretly pee’s in unusual places especially your boots).
Phot. (a photograph or photographer).
Picturise. (to put in the picture, to receive an explanation).
Pig. (Polite Intelligent Gentleman an officer).
Pig's Ear. (a term for something messy).
Piglets. (Midshipmen).
Pigsty. (Officers Mess).
Ping/Pinged. (to be spotted, to be picked for a particularly dirty job).
Pingers. (members of the RN anti submarines Helicopters squadron).
Pipe. (used on naval ships in place of the bugle, also the tannoy system on board ship).
Piso. (careful with money and tight).
Piss Poor. (not very good).
Pissed Off. (fed up).
Pit. (bed, bed space or bunk).
Pitchers. (Dark, its pitchers tonight).
Planters. (Polo / smart shirt and trousers).
Plums. (to get nothing).
Plums Rating. (one who is continually unsuccessful with women).
Poke Charlie. (an expression meaning to treat anyone or anything with derision, to make fun of).
Pole Up. (to appear, to arrive suddenly).
Poisoned Dwarf.
Pom. (Dehydrated mashed potatoes and an English person).
Pompey. (Portsmouth).
Pongo/Percy Pongo. (members of the Army, with a saying where the army goes the pong goes).
Power Nap. (a short deep sleep).
Proof/Proffed. (goods acquired by dubious means from the establishment rather than another Marine).
Pressies. (presents).
Provie. (a member of the Provost Staff, the Regimental or Unit Police.
PTI. (Physical Training Instructor).
Pussers. (appertaining to the service, stores and equipment issued from service sources. Anything done unimaginatively or ‘by the book’ is done in a ‘Pussers’ manner.
Pussers Apple. (onion).
Pussers Buil.t (an officer or rating who abides closely to the letter of the regulations).
Pussers Crabs. (new boots bought from the slop shop).
Pussers Rum. (the tot).
Pusser's Charger/Chariot. (a service issue pushbike).
Pussers Gold. (rust).
Pusser's Hard. (issue soap).
Pussers Ice Cream. (lard).
Pusser's Planks. (service issue Skis).
Pussers Red Revils. (the standard naval issue bicycle. Invariably painted red).
Puzzle Palace. (Headquarters building).
PW. (Platoon Weapon or Platoon Weapons Instructor).
QRS. (Queen's Regulations).
Quaffer. (Posh sounding officer).
Quack. (Doctor).
Queens. (to convince someone that you are not getting them to bite, or what’s left in the rum fanny).
Quick Burn. (to rapidly and slyly smoke a cigarette).
Rabbits. (presents pressies or souvenirs).
Rabbit Run. (run a shore to buy pressies / presents).
Racing Snake. (a very fast runner).
Ram It. (get lost, I’m not doing it).
RECCE. (generally used throughout British forces for reconnaissance).
Red Card. (port watch).
Redders. (hot weather).
Red Pigs. (hot weather).
Rembranted. (to be put in the picture).
Rice. (to ‘give it rice’ means to apply a considerable amount of effort in a direct manner).
Rig. (ones dress, get rigged is to get dressed).
Ring Stinger. (a hot curry).
Rock Ape. (a member of the RAF Regiment).
RM. (Royal Marine).
Rock All. (nil or nothing).
Rodney. (Officer).
Room to Swing a Cat Around. (the space required for any particular job is too small. However the cat referred to is not of the domestic type but that of the punishment cat of nine tails).
Rose Cottage. (venereal disease ward)
Rotten. (venereal disease).
Round the Bend. (half witted).
Roughers. (Stormy Weather).
Rover. (Landrover).
Royal. (Royal Marine).
Rubber Dagge.r (a Royal Marines Reservist).
Rubbing You Up The Wrong Way. (somebody who goes out of his way to upset you).
Rug Rats. (small children).
Rum Bosun. (assisting in up sprits).
Run. (a trip or journey).
Run Ashore. (to go out for a few drinks, a night out).
Rupert (Officer).
SBS. (Special Boat Service).
Sadders/Sad On. (to be unhappy or annoyed).
Sance. (short for essence, she is sance mate, (originated from the ranks of air defence troop Royal Marines).
Sandies/Sandy Bottoms. (to drain the whole glass/can or bottle of drink).
Sandalls. Leather foot gear with the toes area open).
SC. (swimmer canoeist).
SB. (abbreviation for Special Boat Service. One who has joined the SBS is said to have gone SB.
Scab Lifter. (Medical Assistant).
Scratcher. (a bed, bunk or bed space).
Scran. (food or a meal).
Scran Bag. (a bag used to clear up a mess deck. Anything lying around is placed in the bag. A scruffy individual who looks like his clothes have never been ironed is said to looks like a scran bag).
Scanning. (eating. All you ever do is sit there scanning).
Scronky/Scronks (Untidy).
Sea Daddy. (an experienced Marine or Sailor who looks after a younger recruit to show them the ropes).
Secure. (to finish for the day, to tidy away after a job, or after a watch).
SF. (Sustained Fire).
Set. (a full set of moustache, beard and side whiskers).
Shag Nasty. (person with low morals, nasty person).
Shake. (to wake somebody up).
Shave Off. (an expression of exasperation, to speak out in turn).
Ship Mate. (a mate, a pal and a close friend).
Shiny Arse. (someone in an administrative position).
Shit In It. (shut up).
Shoot through. (Some one who fails a task).
Show a Leg. (an old saying to swing your leg out of a hammock to get up. In the days when women used to be allowed to sleep on board ship they were allowed to lie in and the call ‘Show a leg’ was made to see that it really was a woman who was enjoying the privilege. The old cry was ‘Show a leg or else a purser’s stocking’).
Shreddies. (Underpants).
Shufti. (let’s have a look).
Sick Bay. (Medical Centre).
Sick Bay Ranger. (someone who spends a lot of time off sick).
Sigs. (a radio operator).
Sin Bosun. (Chaplain or Padre).
Singapore Ear. (ear infection).
Sippers. (a liquid measure, a sip offered from one’s own drink as a reward for some thing).
Sitrep. (a situation report).
Sixty six. (66mm M72 light anti tank weapon).
Skeg. (to observe or make a reconnaissance, or a quick look).
Skidders. (dubious stains in your under pants).
Skin. (Immature or inexperienced. lacking facial hair).
Skin Mags. (Playboy or similar magazines).
Sky Pilot. (Chaplain or Padre).
Slide. (Butter or Margarine).
Sling Yer Hook. (told to go away impolitely).
SLR. (7.62mm self loading reffle).
Slug. (sleeping bag).
Smally. (small).
Snaps. (a photographer).
Snappers. (someone who is gay).
Sneaky Beaky. (a member of the SBS or Special Forces, intelligence staff).
Snob. (name for a boot-repairer or cobbler).
Snob Shop. (where you can get your boots repaired).
Snotty. (historic nickname for a midshipman in the Royal Navy).
Snurgle. (to sneak or creep on out of sight).
Sods Opera. (a show that is put on by the ship’s company or unit to entertain themselves).
Soft Tac. (name for bead).
SOP. (standard operating procedure).
Soup Jockey. (Officers Steward or Ward Room Attendant).
Spanner. (any food or implement).
Spin a Dit. (to tell or explain).
Spitkid. (a waste receptacle).
Sports Page / Sports Gear (love letter).
Sprog. (child or a new recruit who has just passed out).
Spud Locker. (vegetable preparation room).
SQ.. (Specialist Qualification).
Stacked. (a well formed lady or a muscular individual).
Stacks. (opposite to plums, plenty).
Stand-easy. (a tea break taken during the morning and the afternoon).
Stand To. (prepare for action).
Steame.r (a ship).
Stick. (Abuse).
Sticks/Sticky Blue. (Royal Marines bugler).
Stickies. (cakes).
Stripey. (Sergeant).
Swamp. (to urinate, go for a swamp, swamp the bed etc.).
Swan. (an easy or enjoyable journey or job).
Swanning Off. (to leave somewhere in an indifferent pompous manner).
Sweating Neaters. (to be worried, in an anxious state).
Swing It. (meaning don’t worry about it, postpone or cancel).
Tailor Made. (manufactured cigarette as opposed to hand-rolled).
Tankie. (member of the heavy weapons branch).
Temp/Temps. (temperature).
The Corps. (Royal Marines).
The Rub. (meaning to take the Blame or Responsibility).
Thin Out. (disappear, disperse or go away quickly).
Thrasher/Thrashing (same as beasting).
Three Badger. (Marine with three good conduct stripes above his left wrist).
Threaders. (to be seriously upset, angry, fed up).
Throw Up. (to be sick).
Tiger Tops. (a drink had in Singapore service men’s clubs).
Toothwright (dentist).
To Take the Can Back. (to be blamed for the acts or faults of another).
To Shove One’s Oar In. (meaning to interrupt, to break into someone else’s conversation).
Tough Shit. (bad luck).
TQ. (technical qualification).
Trap. (to successfully attract a member of the opposite sex).
Trick Cyclist. (psychiatrist).
Troop Bible (a book containing all the relevant details of the individuals in a sub unit).
Trough. (eat).
Tubbin. (thumb up bum, brain in neutral).
Turn To. (to parade or begin work).
Twat. (some onewho likes to be the centre of attention and will do things to amuse others when the ladies are present).
Twat Camp. (a trip or vacation with more than one twat, each vying for the twat No.1 position).
Twitter. (to talk aimlessly).
Two Sheets To The Wind. (well drunk).
Twos Up. (to take a turn at or with something).
UA. (under age for the tot).
Uckers. (a game loosely based on ludo).
Up Home/Up Homers. (to be invited home).
Up Spirits. (the daily rum ration at midday, no longer available).
Up The Line. (to move away from base).
UN. (The United Nations).
Ulu. (jungle from the Malay ‘hulu’ used to refer to backwater areas).
Vittled Up. (subjected to heavy and accurate fire).
Wagon. (a lorry).
Wardroom. (Officers mess on board ship or in a naval establishment).
Watch. (sentry duty).
Wallah (the operator of a small shop or stand, usually unofficial).
Waz/Wazzer. (fantastic).
Weather Guesser. (the met officer on board ship, also known as Professor Fog).
Wellie. (to punch or hit).
Wet/Whet (a drink of any description).
Whales. (sardines).
Winger. (a young rating who has been taken under his wing of a senior rating).
Wings/Winger. (a close friend, an Oppo).
Wooly Pully. (the green issue woollen jumper).
Work Your Ticket. (to arrange to leave the service).
Wrap. (to give up).
Wrap Hand (somebody who gives up easily).
Wrap/Whap. Up (give up saying or doing something)

Yaffle. (to eat hurriedly).
Yaffling. (irons / spanners knife, fork and spoon).
Yeti. (a spectacular crash while skiing or to fall over).
Yodel in a bucket. (vomit also a pavement pizza, a dockyard omelette and a technicolour yawn).
Yomp. (to force march with a heavy load).
Yonks. (a long time).
Yoyo. (a young officer in training).
Zap/Zapped. (to shoot or be shot).
Zeds/Blowing Zeds/ZZZZZ's. (to get some sleep).
Zulu. (Greenwich meantime, also Z Company 45 Commando Royal Marines).

And many more?