Sitting in the Streak Shadow giving it full throttle reminded me of my first jet ride; the acceleration is exhilarating.
Derek Piggot, Pilot Magazine UK.
The engineering on this aircraft is like poetry.
Mick Broom, Engineer & builder of Hesketh Motorcycles, UK
Watching a semi aerobatic display by David in the Streak reminded me of the purity of flight – just like a Spitfire.
John Farley, Engineering Test Pilot, UK
The Shadow – David Cook’s genius of structures and aerodynamics.
Adrian Jones, BMAA Design Engineer, UK
The Shadow has perfect aerodynamics.
Francis Donaldson, LAA Chief Engineer, UK
I conclude that it is the case sometimes that some people, and David is one of them, have an instinctive genius when they know something is right.
John Dickinson, OAM, BA Psych, FAI, DIP, Australia
Cook said, “I’m not much of a pilot. I just want to fly.”Those words should be written in stone.
Armen, Pilot B-737, Ukraine
Front cockpit – ‘cosy’
Peter Troy Davies, Aviator, UK
This incredible man with an incredible history – Shadow a benchmark that broke the mould.
Anthony Preston, Flying Instructor, UK
What a boring aircraft!
Bob Cole, CAA Test Pilot, UK
I am very impressed with Shadow series of aircraft, the design, systems and construction, and flight
handling. This unusual approach to engineering has resulted in an exceptional aircraft.
David Martin, Editor, Kitplanes Magazine, USA
I found the Shadow to be an outstanding aircraft. When seated in the front cockpit the pilot has a feeling of quality and control. In an age of look alike aeroplanes, it is nice to find a design that is truly on the cutting edge of both engineering and technology.
John W Conran, Sport Pilot Magazine, USA
The Streak chased and zoomed through the sky faster than my Canon’s autofocus could follow. I am sorry I could not bring you the ‘shot’ of the Streak pushing up from level flight to a vertical climb, but it was just too fast for us.
David Hewson, Editor, Flyer Magazine, UK