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Youtube Video FIN582

Shadow landing at Cork


Take Off



All Videos with kind permission from Finbarr Lynch

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Up Date

I spotted my Shadow K 232 on the photo page of David`s web site.

The text is not completely accurate;

This is the real story

Initially the kit K232 was sold to the Belgium dealer Euro Shadow run by Mr. Proost. He started the build. Then, the kit was sold to me.

Most of the work done, by Mr. Proost in Belgium  I had to do over again sins it was not to my liking. The Build isn’t  that difficult. The biggest challenge was to make the airplane more quiet. This was absolutely necessary to get a CofA in the Netherlands.
The rules are: * produced noise flying overhead a microphone at 450 Ft with full power, producing no more than 63 dBA. In the standard configuration a Shadow CD produced 67dBA! So with help from David and Jan van Biervliet the Belgium guy who worked for David back then,
I made the following changes:

  • Fitted the Rotax 582;  (that was never been done on a CD)
  • Fitted a 4-blade composite propeller;
  • Changed the gear ratio in the gearbox;
  • Designed and build a full cowling around the engine;
  • Fitted a foam layer in the bottom  center section of the wing;
  • Changed the exhaust.

Noise measuring by the KNVvL  (Dutch royal air club) proved 63.8 dBA! Very good results but still too much, running out of options, refusal by the Dutch CAA to renew my prototype license to keep on flying and testing forced me to sell my beloved Shadow.
Luckily she found a good home and owner in Ireland by Mr. Finbarr Linch.
This is in a nutshell the history of K232 with Dutch registration PH-2S2, there is a lot more to tell but its perhaps boring to others.
Later I developed the RangeR.

Kind Regards,
Jan Laurier