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The First Shadow (02) built in 1982 and flown in 1983 and the Last Starstreak (415) built in 1999 along with the designer and builder David Cook

Streak Shadow 1988 Serial No. PFA 161-11344 Reg G-BONP From Rob Lawes. Portsmouth UK   Shadow 234 Reg 28-1459 From David Harris. Victoria Australia   Streak Shadow 1991 Serial No. PFA 161-11586 Reg G-BROI Andrew Collinson. Lancaster UK   Shadow 002 Reg G-MJVF1254 flights 596 hours 1982-2007 From Jacob Cook Suffolk England   Shadow Series CD 1991 S/N K 153 Reg G-MWTN From Mick Broom Towcester UK
D-SS Reg G-MZLP Dan Gordon from Roche in Cornwall  

Shadow CD S/n K232 Rotax 582 Ist Built in Belgium 1996 From Finbarr-Lynch. Cork Ireland

  Streak Shadow 1990 Serial No. PFA 161-11656 Reg G-BSMN Peter Porter. Wincanton UK   Streak Shadow 1990 Serial No. PFA 161A-11602 Reg G-BSOR Anthony Parr. Hove UK   Streak Shadow 1993Serial No. PFA 206-12156 Reg G-BUOB William Whyte. Insch UK


Streak Shadow 1994 Serial No PFA 206-12410Reg G-BUVX Phil Cater Wimbledon UK   Streak Shadow SA 1999Serial No PFA 206-13304 Reg G-BXVD Richard Osler. Cheltenham UK   Streak Shadow DD Modified 1998Serial No PFA 161-13258Reg G-BYCJ Patrick Hodgson. Ilford UK   StreaK Shadow 2000Serial No PFA 206-13503 Reg G-BZEZ Gary Pearce. Horsham UK   Shadow Series CD 1987 Serial No 062 Reg G-CAIN ( used to be G-MTKU)Geoffrey Haimes. Lymm UK
Streak Shadow SA 1994 Serial No PFA 206-12723 Reg G-MGGT David Stansfield. Sleaford UK   Shadow Series DD 1998 Serial No 287-DD Reg G-MGTW Graham Webster. Helensburgh UK   Shadow Series CD 1986 Serial No K027 Reg G-MNXX Robert Williams. Port Talbot UK   Shadow Series BD 1988 Serial No K039 Reg G-MNZP John Wakeford. Uckfield UK   Shadow Series CD 1986 Serial No K037 Reg G-MTDU Adrian Harris of Burnley
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Shadow Series CD 1987 Serial No 058 Reg G-MTHT John Kennedy. Wolverhampton UK   Shadow Series CD 1987 Serial No 070 Reg G-MTMX David White. Chesham UK   Shadow Series CD Serial No 079 Reg G-MTSG Colin Purvis. St Albans. UK   Shadow Series C 1988 Serial No K023 Reg G-MYNA Rodney Frost. Mallow Rep of Ireland   Star Streak Shadow 1995 S/N K269SA11 Reg E1-CZC From Michael Culhane County Cork Ireland
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The Dalgety Flyer that Brian Milton flew to Australia in 1988Reg No 89/262 built 1987 Owned by the Power House Museum   Shadow Streak called "Floyd " Produced by Laron Aiviation in the USA Powered by a 85hp Jabiru 2200 four stroke engine Reg ZU-AVB From Rudi Venter South Africa  

Shadow CD. G-MWRY 503 S/N K162. Owned by Andew Armstrong This was the first time Andrew had flown in his newly acquired  Shadow. "David did its first test flights at Thorpeness on 8th May 1991 (3 flights in 40 minutes). That makes her nearly 20 years old and still fantastic to fly". Andrew

  Shadow Series DD (dual control) Manufactured January 1998 Reg G-MZKH Serial No 292-DD Engine :Rotax 582 Twin Cylinder 2-stroke UL Was featured in a test by Paul Dewhurst as the long awaited D-series, in Microlight Flying magazine in May/June 1998? Based at Deanland Airfield East Sussex From Simon Calvert Aircraft Engineer Hove East Sussex UK  

Streak Shadow Reg ZU-BFO owned by Eric Webber (SA) Used to be owned by Greg Pedersen (SA)

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Starstreak Shadow BTW AP-ZBC 1st flew in 2001. It was partially built by Airborne Innovations in USA and the rest completed with parts from sent CFM. It has a Rotax 912S and 120 lts fuel capacity in four external tanks. Owned by Ajab Khan & sadly late Zaka Bhangoo of Pakistan


503didc CD G-MYIP serial number K198 owned by Trevor Bailey


Shadow Series DD  S/N161-13308 Manufactured 2000 P.Dewhurst
LY-AXH Oned by Juozas Mitkus based in Kaunas Lithuania

Streak Shadow built 1996
PFA 206-12462
Lee Harper - Yeovil Somerset

ZK-FMY 1986 Shadow C-D
2nd owner Jeff Bannister Christchurch New Zealand
Upgraded to C-D    Rotax 503   Precision Prop 3x52 TTAF = 420 hrs [originally bought out from UK by Tim Hardwick-Smith who helped CFM develop the Shadow  

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1988 Shadow B-D
2nd owner   Colin Dale Auckland New Zealand Upgraded to C-D        Rotax 503 DCDI-E     IvoProp 3x52  TTAF = 272 hrs


1988 Shadow B-D (serial #056) 
4th owner   Owen Marsden Timaru New Zealand
Upgrade to Rotax 503           Powerfin 3x52  TTAF = 730 hrs


1989 Shadow B-D (serial #060)
2nd owner   Bruce Conway Invercargill New Zealand
Originally fitted with Rotax 532, now upgraded to 582 DCDI     Thompson 3 - blade 52 x 55 TTAF = 270 hrs


1989 Shadow B-D 532 (serial #065) 3rd owner   Graeme Duske Tauranga New Zealand
Originally fitted with Rotax 532       Precision Props 3-blade 52x55         TTAF = 96 hrs


G-MYBL CD model serial Number K-194 built 1992 based in South Wales Rotax 503dcdi owned by Russell Hicks

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G-MWAE the first CD Mark Brown is the second owner since new and finished training on it this year. (2011) Based at Old Sarum - home now of the Shadow!   G-MYPL Kit-built by Gerry Madden in 1996 and is again a frequent but not so adventurous flyer   Shadow Series CD Serial No 136
Reg G-MWEZ Factory built 1989
Tom Dawson Enfield Middlesex UK
  Shadow EI DXL 582 powered. Owned by Finbarr Lynch Cork Ireland   Shadow DD G-MYZP Serial No.249 Andy Monro 1st flight 05.07.11 Willingsale Essex
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Streak Shadow G-STRK based at Grenchen Airport in Switzerland.
PFA number 161-11762
Built 1990 owner Erik Hadley


Owner:  Phil Cater  of Wimbledon, London
Registration:  G-MYXY
Model:  C-D
Engine:  Rotax 503
Built:  1996
Construction Number:  K245
BMAA Serial Number:  BMAA/HB/059