A Video List

1 002 David Cook Flying his VJ24
2 004 David Cook David demonstrates the Shadow during the late 1980's
3 035 David Cook Flying the Shadow over Suffolk
4 030 David Cook The Shadow
5 029 David Cook David flying his Shadow
6 028 David Cook David flying over Suffolk
7 027 David Cook Enjoy watching a Shadow fly
8 026 Terry Aspinall Tim Hardwick-Smith flying in New Zealand
9 024 David Cook Shadow flying over Thorpeness in Suffolk
10 023 David Cook The Shadow being test flown at Parham Airfield Suffolk
11 010 David Cook A Shadow stared in the film 'Slipstream'
12 008 David Cook The Duxford Air Show with 25 Shadows early 1990's
13 007 David Cook David demonstrates the Streak Shadow in the early 1990's
14 006 David Cook Flying the Starstreak Shadow during the early 1990's
15 005 David Cook Demonstrating the Streak Shadow early 1990's
16 015 David Cook Test flying the 'Image' another of Davids designs
17 012 David Cook The 'Glint' another of Davids designs
18 050 Ajab Khan Flying over the Karakoram Mountain Range 2001
19 022 David Cook David enjoying himself flying over Thorpeness Suffolk
20 011 David Cook A days flying at Parham Airfield Suffolk UK
21 051 Greg Pedersen (1) The Cato Airshow in South Africa 2001
22 052 Greg Pedersen (2) The Cato Airshow in South Africa 2001
23 053 Greg Pedersen Jas Van Wyk test flying Streak Shadow ZU-BFO (SA)
24 054 Greg Pedersen Greg Flying to an Air Show in South Africa
25 055 Greg Pedersen A fly pass in a Streak Shadow
26 056 Greg Pedersen Greg and Jas Van Wyk fly to the South African Cape 2002
27 057 Greg Pedersen Fying along the South African Durban coast
28 058 Greg Pedersen Testing yet another prop on his Streak Shadow
29 059 Greg Pedersen Having fun in his Streak Shadow

Documentary's, Films and News Broadcasts

1 001 B.B.C. Look East David flying his VJ23E Thorpeness Suffolk late 1970's
2 031 ITN Television David flying in the Selsey Birdman Competition (UK) 1975
3 032 Anglia Television David makes the first English Channel crossing during 1978
4 003 Anglia Television David interviewed about the Dalgety Flyer 1988
5 034 ???? Materials that were used in the construction of the Shadow
6 033 ??? Documentary Film using the Shadow
7 025 David Cook A Documentary about the Shadow
8 021 David Cook The Shadow explained on TV during the 1980's
9 019 David Cook 'Reach For The Sky' Trevor Jones flys a Shadow
10 018 David Cook David builds a Shadow for Trevor Jones
11 017 Anglian Television The Shadow breaks the world speed record
12 016 David Cook Earliest official factory video of the Shadow 1984
13 020 David Cook The Shadow played a staring role in this film
14 014 Look East Television Eve Jackson's attempt to fly around the world in a Shadow
15 013 Look East Television Pete Davies attempts to fly to St Just in Cornwall
16 009 David Cook Near Miss with a Torando Jet Fighter 1993