I would like to thank Graeme Henderson for asking me to assist him in the research of the John Dickenson story, and of how he invented the modern hang glider. The project planted a seed deep within my head that eventually lead me into building and running of this British Hang Gliding History web site.

During the building of the site it would not have been possible without the help and cooperating of the following early hang gliding enthusiast, manufacturers and pilots, to you all from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Although Graeme gave me the original idea, without your input there would have been no web site.

Adrian Bradshaw, Andrew Hill, Andy Billingham, Arthur Duke, Bertie Kennedy, British Hang Gliding Association,  British Microlight Aircraft Association, Bob Dear, Brian Gaskin, Brian Griffiths, Brian Harrison, Brian Milton, Chris Corston, David Worth, Dave Forty, Dave Watts, David Cook, David Bremner, David Massie, Don Liddard, Edmund Potter, Everard Cunion, Frank Tarjanyi, Geoff McBroom, Gerry Breen, Graham Drinkall, Greg Stokes, Haydn Kemmery, Jason Board, Jim Bond, John Clarke James (Jimmy) Potts, Joe Schofield, John Hunt, John (Rick) Ware, Ken Messenger, Ken de Russy (USA), Larry Dighera (USA), Len Gabriels, Les Hockin, Nick Regan, Mark Woodhams, Mick Broom, Miles Handley, Mike Burns, Mike Lake, Paddy Monro, Phil Chettleburgh, Roly Lewis-Evans, Simon Haynes, Simon Murphy, Stephane Malbos (Fr), Steve Pionk, Terry Haynes, Tony Fuell, Tony Prentice, Tony Williams.

I'm thinking that I may have left a few names off the list, if I have I apologise in advance, as I believe in the full credit being given to those that who so rightfully deserve it.

Please make contact if I have left your name off the list.

Terry Aspinall

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