The .303in LMG MK2 Bren Gun


The .303in Bren gun was the standard LMG of the British and many Commonwealth armies through the Second World war and for several years after. It was derived directly from the Czech ZB 30 which is closely resembles. A difficulty with the .303in version was that the magazine feed was not well suited to rimmed ammunition, but with careful loading it worked well. The gun is gas operated and locks by tilting the bolt into recesses in the body. the barrel change is quick and simple and the gas regulator has four positions to adjust the gas. The original Brens were intended to fulfil more tasks than that of an ordinary LMG, but the pressures of war reduced all the non-essential equipment on it, and the last version was a highly effective and efficient gun. Some models were made in 7.62mm for issue to Chinese forces of General Chiang Kai-Shek

From 'Janes' Rifles & Light Machine Guns. Edited by Colonel John Weeks 1980



Ammunition: .303 in SAA

Operation: Gas; selective fire

Magazine: 30 round box magazine

Sights: Foresight blade; Rearsight aperture on leaf

Muzzle velocity: 745 am/s

Cyclic rate: 540 round/min

Length: 1156 mm (barrel 635 mm)

Weight:10.04 kg

Manufacturer: RSAF Enfield. John Ingles, Canada

Status: Obsolete. some may remain in use in former Commonwealth Countries, but ammunition production has ceased