The 7.62 L4A4 LMG Bren Gun

The L4A4 is a variant of the old .303in Bren Gun, re-chambered and re-barrelled for the Nato 7.62 mm round. Because this is a rimless round the familiar curved shape of the magazine is changed to a straight one, and the feed difficulties which could arise with rimmed ammunition are now absent. The barrel is a little shorter than for the .303in round, and the overall weight of the gun is reduced slightly, other wise it is a standard Bren in every way. It is the most numerous machine gun in British service today (1980), and probably the most popular. It will remain in first line use until replaced by the new family of 4.85mm, or whatever calibre is chosen for NATO, but will in all probability still be retained in reserve stocks for many years to come.

From 'Janes' Rifles & Light Machine Guns. Edited by Colonel John Weeks 1980



Ammunition: 7.62mm x 51

Operation: Gas; selective fire

Magazine: 30 round box magazine

Sights: Foresight blade; Rearsight aperture on leaf

Muzzle velocity: 823 m/s

Cyclic rate: 500 round/min

Length: 1133 mm (barrel 536 mm)

Weight: 9.53 kg

Manufacturer: RSAF Enfield.

Status: Obsolete. Not in Production. Some may remain in use in former Commonwealth Countries.