The Fusil Automatique Legere (FAL) 7.62mm

The FAL is one of the most successful rifles ever made. It has been in continuous use with NATO nations and many others since it was first introduced in the mid-1950s. It was in service in more than 70 countries throughout the world and continued in mass production in Belgium and in limited production in several other countries. There are several variants of the standard model, but the differences are not great. The standard rifle locks with a tilting block and has the ability to fire fully automatic. Some versions do not have the selective fire option. The basic model has wooden furniture, though there are also versions with plastic furniture and folding steel skeleton butts. A heavy barrelled version is used by some countries as a light machine gun, and for this a light bipod is fitted. The standard sights are simple iron, but there is a wide variation of options which can be fitted, including image Intensified night sights.

From 'Janes' Rifles & Light Machine Guns. Edited by Colonel John Weeks 1980



Ammunition: 7.62 mm x 51

Operation: Gas; selective fire

Magazine: 20 round box

Sights: Foresight post; Rearsight aperture

Muzzle velocity: 840 m/s

Cyclic rate: 650 round/min

Length: 1090 mm (barrel 533 mm)

Weight:4.3 kg

Manufacturer: FN Herstal, Liege

Status: Current. ????? Not Sure