Memories of Leiston

On the Suffolk coast

I had some wonderful memories of Leiston, having spent several years in the area after marrying a local girl and being discharged from the Royal Marines Commandos. We moved in with her parents and the house is just up the road on the left behind the Leiston sign on Waterloo Avenue. Later I was to spend a few years living in Knodishall a nice little village to the south.


Leiston Post Office Square taken by Linda (Meadows) Edwards in Aug 2000


A modern version of the Leiston Post Office Square, where the Forbidden Fruit a late 60's local Rock n Roll band arranged a reunion for the year 2001. Unfortunately I was the weak link in the chain and let my fellow musicians down, being unable to return from Australia.


Taken from the Leiston Observer 1985

However, this is how I will always remember the old Post Office Square. From 1966 I worked at the Richard Garrett's factory, maintaining the buildings under the direction of foreman Bill Ellis from Sizewell, along side Percy Keeble Bricklayer, George Ringwood Bricklayer, Peter Cady, Ben Wright, Jimmy Atkinson Plummer and Doug Freeman Carpenter. Many a story can be told of the fun and tricks we all got up to while at the Fun Factory as I called it, until I left in the early 1970's. Something I am proud of is that we all worked on the Long Shop before it was put aside as a museum. I can remember spending many weeks relaying the pan tiles on the roof and trying to relay the wooden block floor. While in New Zealand and Australia friends from Leiston have kept me informed of life in Leiston over the years, and I would like to show you the newspaper cuttings I have collected over the years. If you would like to read a more detailed account of what I got up to while I lived in the Leiston area, or maybe you are interested in the Forbidden Fruit pop group, then you can go to my Autobiography. Maybe you would like to chat with me or some of your friends on the Forum.

Click 01 Leiston Long Shop Museum Newspaper cuttings from Terry

Click 02 Leiston Town Newspaper cuttings from Terry

Click 03 Petrol Coupons from Terry

Click 04 Leiston Railway Station from Linda (Meadows) Edwards

Click 05 Hang Gliding and Microlighting from Terry

Click 06 Carr Avenue Coronation photo 1953 from Linda

Click 07 As a Royal Marine I was part of Churchill's Guard of Honour at his Funeral

Click 08 As a Royal Marine I served in Borneo and was in the Jungle Green 1964

Click 09 The Forbidden Fruit from Terry

Click 10 The Wild Oats from Terry

Click 11 The NightRiders from Terry