Bill Dixons


Bill was a war baby and born in Stowmarket, he attended the Stowmarket Primary School (1945-51) and Stowmarket Grammar School (1951-56). Later he worked for British Rail (1956-59) and the ICI paints factory (1959-90). His lifetime loves have been steam railways, football and music. Nowadays he has a fascination for history and especially Ancient Rome. Since 1990 he has lived in Holland with his wife Trudy who who came from Holland.

Billy with his 1st bottle of Beer

And I thought he was a Heineken man


Billy walking along the promenade, on the annual family pilgrimage to Great Yarmouth 1949


The River Gipping near the Pickeral Pub 1950


Youngsters fishing for Tidlers by the Pickeral Bridge. The photo was taken by the Stowmarket Mercury Newspaper early in the 1950's. From left to right Philip Edgar? David Cobbold ? Eric Wade, while Stooping is Keith Bridges. and in the water is Arthur Finbow & Bill Dixon

Not sure if they were looking for Newts or Sticklebacks


The 1953 Scout Gang Show

Bill is the one in white trying to escape all that the singing


Class 4B Stowmarket Grammar School 1955

Back Row L to R Jim Wicks, Phil Ashton, Allan Thompson, Henry Skinner, Terry Clarke, John Hill (Teacher) Ray Burman, Bill Dixon, Phil Tyderman & Peter Mitchell.

Middle Row L to R Susan Palin, Joy Smith, Cherry Woods, Jean Spall, Mary Blackburn, Julia Bugg, Sharon Turner, Monica Pearce, Marjorie Freestone, Hilary Watson & Shirley Thompson

Front Row L to R Barry Wilden, Roger Keeble, David Andrews, Kenny Bonshor, Colin Hart, Mike Shave, Dougie Upson


Class 4B Stowmarket Grammar School 2nd Reunion 1989

All the names are printed under the Grammar School photo above, I've left it to you to add the names to the faces., best of luck!!!


Butlins Holiday Camp 1960

Left to Right 1) Brian Williams, 2) Kim Davey, Right to Left 1) Keith Bridges, 3) Bill Dixon



Old Newton Football Club 1965


Combs Rangers Football team

Winners of the Stowmarket & District Knock-out Cup 1960-61


Stowmarket CO-OP Christmas Party early 1960's


The Co-op Cricket team in the 60's

Back row 2nd from right Harold Chenery

Front Row 2nd from left Philip Edgar (Milkman) Exstreme right Jeff Mathew (Combs Ranger football player)


ICI Resin plant 'A' Shift Personnel 1969

L to R John Bloomfield, Harry Pallant, Basil Pratt, Peter Jackson, Phil Hammond & Bill Dixon


A stag night at the Little Wellington pub 1972

L to R Tony Scarff, Geof Dixon, Adrian Scarff, Bill Dixon, Basil Pratt, (Behind) and holding dice cup Trevor Harvey

Haven't seen a glass of warm Cobbles beer for well over 20 years


The PSB Lab (ICI) Personnel Christmas Party 1989

Bill is kneeling in the front, this was the last Christmas he calibrated while living in Stowmarket, before retiring from the ICI in 1990, after 31 years service and moving to live Holland


Sacred Hallow Ground,

Before entry please remove your muddy shoes and replace them with a pair of Football boots

Billy's beloved Cricket Meadow and home of the Stowmarket Football club just before the bulldozers moved in.

Many memories that will never be forgotten

I bet he can still hear the crowds cheering

Is it true that the field ran down hill from left to right ?????? reminds me of my pool table