The Village Sign


The main street through Combs.


Thatching one of the local cottages.


Model Farm.


Combs Church of Saint Mary where I sang in the Choir for a couple of months. While on other occasions along with Clive Barnard my best friend at the time, we used to walk amongst the graves lifting the flower vases looking for slow worms and lizards.


An article in the local Stowmarket Mercury Newspaper about the field leading up to Combs Church, which can be seen in the background on the left. Can anybody work out the year ?


Two Darts Players from the Live and Let Live pub in Combs. With trophies they won in the Greene King league. My good friend Richard Sparkes (Right) was the Singles winner, and with Allan Mudd, also won the pairs competition.

The cutting appeared in the Stowmarket Mercury Newspaper

Can anybody work out the year ?


Stowmarket Mercury Newspaper Cutting donated by Bill Dixon