Stowmarkets Cafe's during the 1950s & 60s


The 'Galleon', 'Dykes', the 'Warming Pan' and the 'Mikado'

Photo Taken from "Stowmarket-Then and Now" by Mike Durrant Published by Imaginaire 2003

The Warming Pan cafe opposite the Regal Cinema

"The Warming Pan" was where it all happened during those late 1950's evenings and weekends. This was where Maureen Cook taught me how to jive in the infamous "Padded Cell" in front of the juke box and that very large mirror that hung above it on the wall. One play was sixpence, but for a shilling you got the choice of three plays. A coke-a-cola was also six pence, and a lot of fun was had by all. They were the days when Smiths Crisps had a little blue twisted sachet of salt hid amongst the crisps and they weren't crinkly like to day. Norman copped a lot of flack when he first opened the cafe, but to his credit he took in all on the chin and gave us young people some where to meet, rather than hang around the street corners of Stowmarket. Although I must admit that at times our parents thought we were plotting far more sinister deeds.


The first Photo I ever took 1959-60

Brian Saunders, Robin "Slash" Southgate and Terry ???? (Stationed at RAF Wattisham), in Teddy Boy suites the dress of the day


All wearing Andy Capps the craze at the time .

Colin Harvey, Brian Saunders, Robin (Slash) Southgate and Terry ??

Standing in front of the Juke Box in the Padded Cell


The Mikado Cafe in the walkway through to the Market place

Or at least half the door way leading in to the Mikado cafe. On the left just behind the small motorbike.


Station Road Stowmarket photo by Alec's photique

The only photo I have of Dykes Cafe, on the left under the Clock.

Somebody has suggested that it also looks like the first recorded mugging in the town.