The Stowmarket Swinging Pool




Taken from 'The Stowmarket Swimming Pools and Swimming Club' By Steve Williams and Published by Imaginaire

Sent in by Graham Korky Keeble

A selection of 3 photos to bring a tear to the eyes of anybody who grew up around the Stowmarket Swimming Pool. Remember those hot summer days during the school holidays. Canonballing and honey pots off the top board. Poor old Obi Barber blowing his whistle. Don't you think the kids now miss so much. I really am glad I was born when I was. What great days they were. Did you ever forget your cage number. Hope you all enjoy the photos Graham Korky Keeble.

The memories are flooding back now. At a guess I would say that most of the children in Stowmarket area spent a great deal of their school holidays down at the pool as we all called it-Terry Aspinall.