A selection of Microlight / Ultralight Licence's, Awards and Club Memberships

What I believe to be one of the first Group Licence for Microlights issued in the UK, or at least that's what I was lead to believe at the time of its issue from the Civil Aviation Authority. It was water damaged while I was flying through a storm.



My second Federation Aeronautique Internationale Sporting Licence


A surviving selection of my BMAA membership cards and my BMAA Official Observer Rating No 0244


A couple of BMAA Competition numbers that had to be worn on your helmet for identification. Not sure of the events these came from but might have been the Woburn Abbey meet that I won


My first 4 log books


A flying Certificate 'A' for local flying only (during the early days)


Medical Certificates signed by a Doctor, and required before a Licence to fly was issued


The ordinance Survey report to back up my record Flight


The Colibri Awards application Notes


The Gold Colibri Award Application Form, unfortunately I never completed this form. Although upon hind site I wished I had.

Having been the first person the be awarded the very first Bronze and Silver Awards. I was well on the way to achieving the first Gold. When I moved to New Zealand this upset my plans and I let it slip from my grasp, I regret that now as I could still have still been in the first half dozen flyers to achieve this. It had been agreed that the very first person to win the Gold Colibri Award was to have his name recorded for all times sake, in some special ceremony and that the first 50 people to have there names record some where or other on a register. The only Bright note was that there were three of us all competing for that honour of being first and we all knew each other. One was David Cooks chief test pilot and record distance holder Pete Davies and unfortunately the other guys name for the moment evades me, sorry


The official release from the BMAA records department run by Ric Wilson

This Record will stand for ever. Just after my attempt the rules governing the weight of a Microlight was changed from 75 to 150kilos, this meant that the records started again at the new weight and the old weight records would stay as the were at the time of the change. I had always known that David Cooks Shadow would domineer the records department. However, I had also let it be know to David that as long as I held a record for just one day, I would be more than satisfied. In an effort to help me David always informed me of his future attempts well in advance, leaving me time to attempt mine a couple of weeks before him. For that I thank him very much. Well I never achieved my world record that I so desperately craved, but the British record will never be beaten so I'm happy with that, Thanks David.