A selection of Hang Gliding Licence's, Grading and Club memberships


The very first Elementary Hang Gliding Licence, produced and enforced by the newly formed British Hang Gliding Association. All flyers had to produce this licence's before being allowed to fly from BHGA club controlled sites



The introduction of a Pilot Grading application form, along with a list of tasks that had to be completed

Its worth noting that I completed most of these tasks being seated, not having converted to the prone position that was fast becoming popular



Which all lead to the awarding of the British Hang Gliding Associations Pilot rating to your truly


Later the system was changed once again bringing in the Pilot Two rating, although I'm afraid I cannot read the date on the licence or remember the year ( Possibly 1979)




An FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) licence was also required to fly at all British Hang Glider Association controlled Competitions and had to be renewed each year. I take pride in the 008 number I held onto all my flying career .


Then there was the event licence's you required before you could take part. This one was for Mere the officially BHGA annual competition event 1978




All with Pilot Rating 2 and Observer No 292 wrote on the back

Just a few of my old British Hang Gliding Association Membership cards. Although as you might have noticed a few have been lost on the way. I do know that a couple went through the washing machine and I failed to replace them.


The Norfolk Hang Gliding Club. I believe I joined the club in 1976, but I'm not sure. I say that because on my BHGA 1977 Licence it has me flying at Rossilli in Wales and I do know that I had been soaring Cromer long before I went to Rossilli.


The Suffolk Coastal Floaters Hang Gliding Club.

Snowy and I had dreamt of starting this club for a couple of years

This is the one I cherish most, because it was a long time in the making


I was a member of the United States Hang Gliding Association for many many years and enjoyed reading their Magazine that kept us informed of what was happening on the other side of the water


British Hang Gliding Association's Pilots log book. I'm not sure when they came out and when they were made mandatory. However, I started using this one on 21st June 1977, reporting that I had flown at Cromer in Norfolk on a Moonraker 77. I go on the report such little gems as, 24.09.77 very first person to soar the Dunwich to Minsmere Cliffs in a weight shift Hang Glider, flying a Moonraker 77. 08.10.77 very first person to soar the Bawdsey Cliffs flying a Moonraker 77. 25.11.78 flew at Devils Dyke in the South of England with 28 other gliders in the air at the same time, boy the sky's were crowded that day, I was flying my Moonraker 78. 18.03.79 first flight at Corton Suffolk flying my Moonraker 78. 20.05.79 very first person to soar the Kessingland cliffs flying my new Cherokee. 06.10.79 flying my Cherokee flew Walton On The Naze and later the same day also Felixstowe for the very first time although only managed to stay up for a few minutes, also in my Cherokee. 23.03.80 first soaring flight by a weight shift Hang Glider from Sizewell to Thorpeness and back half a dozen times in my, by now best kite to date the Cherokee. At times the wind speeds varied between 16 to 18mph. 05.04.80 Cromer to Mundesley, back and forth and stay in the air for 3 hours and 41 min's


A Official British Hang Gliding Association Badge


Birdman Sports Badge


A Cherokee Indian badge that Emily my wife embroidered


An embroidered badge of my Cherokee Hang Glider sail colours, once again designed and sewn by Emily


An official Mere British Hang Gliding Competition Badge 1979


A official Mere British Hang Gliding Competition badge 1980


An embroidered badge of my Moonraker 77 sail colours, once again completed by Emily


An official Norfolk Hang Gliding Club Badge


An official Shanklin Isle of Wight meet, official badge


Solar Wings Badge


A USA Hang Gliding Association Badge