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"What do you think Dave, is it worth a try"

Mel Mayes & David Taylor on Bawdsey Cliff


David Taylor (far left with helmet on) "You can be the wind dummy Mel and go first"

Mel Mayes (holding Glider foreground) "I cant be bother to walk it back up the cliff"

With John Sharpe sitting on Cliff edge


Camping on the take off spot for an early start

Sharpy's VW and Snowy's Ponderosa tent, at Hawes in the Lake District

It also snowed during the night


Terry's Moonraker 78


John Wells flying his Fledge at Dunwich


SCFHGC visit to Cork in Southern Ireland 22nd Sept 1979

A break from flying 23rd Sept 1979

Terry Kissing the Blarny Stone in Southern Ireland

The truth is, the flying was blown out that day


Terry Flying his Cherokee, first soaring flight from Sizewell


Terry's Cherokee flying Sizewell, but looking towards Thorpeness


"Cherokee" Corton Suffolk 10th June 1979

Look how calm the sea is, with very light winds


Terry's Moonraker 77 taking off at Felixstowe


Terry's Moonraker 77 Felixstowe


Terry's Cherokee flying Sizewell



Terry in convoy to the take off site (Ford Capri)

Passenger is either Graham Drinkall or Snowy???


Moonraker 78


SCFHG Presentation 1986

Bob Woolorton. Steve Hillard. Eric Shaw. Anthony Shaw. Alan Snowling. Glen Reid. Matt Roberts. Pete Bowden.

Pete is holding the "Prat of the Month" award, convincingly earned by doing several pounds worth of damage to his and other people's gliders during July 1986