The Fabulous Chryslers

Over the years 'The Fabulous Chryslers' have been through a couple of line up changes. Although the original members were Singer / Guitarist Hans Van OYen, Lead Guitarist / Singer Len Lotz, Bass Guitar / Singer Terry Aspinall and Roland the faithful Drummer who filled in on a few of the early bookings.

Other members of the band have included on Drums Bobbie Gillette and Bill Brady. Singers Sharon Aspinall and Steve Howland. Lead Guitarist Laurie Dillion, Greg Marsh and Adam McAlister.

The band was performing around the South Eastern corner of Queensland from 1st April 1996 to 4th March 2006.

Fabulous Chryslers Mk 4

Playing on these tracks are, Singer Steve Howland, Lead Guitar Len Lotz, Guitar Synth Greg Marsh, Drums Bill Brady and Bass Guitar Terry Aspinall.

Recorded at the Marshland Studios by Greg Marsh 2005

So Long   Hole In My Pocket
This Cat   Heart Like A Rock
Pur Kitty Pur   Cadilac Baby
Jump Jive   I'm Ready