Have you ever thought of setting out a list of your favourite top 30 hit records


If you are interested here is mine


No 1 Midnight Special. The very first song I can ever remember liking. Although I have no idea as to who was singing it at the time. It’s a song that has been covered by many artists over the years, but still brings a lump in my throat whenever I hear it.

No2 Move It. by Cliff Richards. Memories of my very first holiday away from home and my parents. Traveled with two  friends all the way to Skegness in Lincolnshire and stayed at the now famous Billy Butlins Holiday Camp. Move It is my all time top Rock n Roll record. Couldn’t believe it at the time that an English singer could sound that good. Not a bad judgment of talent either because Cliff is still singing today (50years).

No3 Living Doll. by Cliff Richards. Still more memories of Butlins Holiday Camp, it was also the same week that Living Doll reached number 1 in the British Top Ten Record Chants.

No4 Tom Dooley. by Lonnie Donegan. For some reason the song just appealed to me.

No5 Only Sixteen. by Craig Douglas. One of my first girl friends Brenda was 16 at the time I was going out with her.

No6 All Shook Up.  by Elvis Presley. Which turned out to be the start of Rock n Roll for me.

No7 Rubber Ball. by Booby Vee. This tune reminds me of the times I visited Ipswich during my Teddy Boy Years.

No8 See Emily Play. by Pink Floyd. I played this song to death after I met my wife Emily.

No9 Counting Teardrops. by Emil Ford & the Checkmates. Memories of when I worked at the 3 in 1 works Stowmarket Suffolk.

No10 What In The Worlds Come Over Me. by Jack Scott. First Country Song I liked, and of my days visiting the Flamingo Café near the American Airbases just outside of Ipswich Suffolk England.

No11 Suspicious Minds. by Elvis Presley. I just love the Guitar intro lick.

No12 Suspicion. by Terry Stafford. Just like the song.

No13 Terry. by Twinkle. Memories of Ipswich and a girl I was going out with at the time, who I named Twinkle.

No14 Locomotion. by Little Eva. Of Times when I was in the Royal Marine Commandos and training at Lymptstone near Exeter.

No15 Jealous Guy. by John Lennon. A great recording.

No16 Baby Come Back. by The Equals. Of times I spent with the “Forbidden Fruit” my first band and later with Emily my wife.

No17 Teenager In Love. by Dion & The Belmonts. More memories of my Teddy Boy Years spent around Ipswich England.

No18 Midnight Hour. by Wilson Picket. The very first song my band the “Forbidden Fruit” learnt.

No19 Dreamer. by Supertramp. Reminds me of my Hang Gliding days, I learn every single song on the “Crime Of The Century” Album probably still know most of them off by heart today.

No20 Bed of Roses. by Bon-Jovi. Love the wailing lead guitar.

No21 Personality. by Lloyd Price. A big hit when I first started going to Ipswich on the weekend looking for girl friends.

No22 Never Thought I ’d Fall In Love With You. by Billy Ray Cyrus. I think the lead guitar work is excellent.

No23 Ramble On. by Led Zepplin. Love the lead guitar break.

No24 Tequila. by The Champs. Once again memories of Butlins Holiday Camp at Skegness Lincolnshire.

No25 Blue Danube. Sound track from the film A Space Oddessy. Both Emily and I like this one. Upon our return from Southampton we went to see this film in Ipswich, and both fell asleep. Went back a couple of days later to see the film again.

No26 Last Train To San Fernando. by Johnny Duncan and the Blue Grass Boys. Reminds me of summer holidays in Great Yarmouth with my old Teddy Boy pal Ricky Sparks. Johnny Duncan now lives on the Sunshine Coast quite close to me here in Brisbane.

No27 Starry Eyed. by Michael Holiday. A nice song and also my Fathers favorite.

No28 Memory. by Elaine Page. Ahh memories.

No29 Don ’t Cry For Me Argentina. by Julie Covington. A very nice song.

No30a From A Distance. by Bette Midler. Another great song.

No30b Who Wants To Live For Ever. by Queen. Have no particular reason why I like this song, other than the music is very haunting.

Favorite Albums
No1 Crime Of The Century. by Supertramp. My all time favorite Album.

No2 Some Gave All. by Billy Ray Cyrus. Love all the tracks. Especially the title track “Some Gave All” It’s the ex service man in me.

No3 House Party New Orleans Style. by Professor Long Hair. Just love that New Orleans Blues. At one time I tried to play a couple of these tracks.

Favorite Videos
No1 From A Distance/The Event. by Cliff Richards. An excellent show and DVD.

No2 Hell Freezes Over. by The Eagles. Music at its best, dare you to find a mistake on this particular video. Funny but in their early days I was not a fan.

No3 The Dance. by FleetwoodMac. I’m a great fan of the Mac, having seen them in the early stages of their career when I spoke with John McVie and later with Christine Perfect while she was a member of another band the “Chicken Shack”.

Favorite Opera
No1 Nessum Dorma. by Sarah Brightman. This tune was played to us every single morning during the Stowmarket Secondary Modern school assembly. However, it was not this version. This I like very much.

No2 Time to say Goodbye. By Sarah Brightman & Andréa Bocelli.  A Perfect match and a perfect song to end on.



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